The South Shall Rise Again! Monsters Arcade Houston TX February 27th SSF4,MVC3,T6,AH3

Sunday, February 27 · 12:00pm - 11:30pm
Monster’s Arcade
13626 Veterans Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX

February fighting tournament. All events are double elimination.

Event starts at 12:00pm. $10 venue fee.

Marvel vs Capcom 3: XBOX
Start time - 1:00pm
Entry fee - $10

Super Street Fighter 4: XBOX
Start time - 1:00pm
Entry fee - $10

Tekken 6: PS3
Start time - 4:00pm
Entry fee - $10

Arcana Heart 3: PS3
Start time - 5:00pm
Entry fee - $10

See you there!

Sounds good, I’ll be there!

Can i request mvc3 be on ps3 as well? not everyone in the world uses stick, i know about 7 people wanting to enter but they cant because its xbox360 only. if its a big deal ill even bring my mvc3 copy and ps3

Its not hard at all, ill have a ps3 version setup, but here is the problem… If you are scheduled to fight a person and they have an xbox stick or play on an xbox pad who wins? One system has to be primary. Either way we will have it setup on ps3 but if there is a dispute someone will either need to provide a ps3 TE stick or xbox wins out. Best i can do unless you have another idea?