THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN - The Houston Thread - Texas Showdown May 5-7, 2017

From what I’ve been hearing Tekken players have gone nucken futs over this game. Guess it makes more sense to them then SF players…

Who is going to austin tomorrow???

I personally don’t care too much for MK9, but what I’m hearing (I played the game for like 5 minutes) the game is kind of like Tekken but in 2D format :coffee:

Anyone have any experience with screw-in Sanwa buttons on a TE stick?

From how I see it, it’s all in the controller, I find it easier to use an xbox controller, but xbox can fuck you over too. Having the d-pad be all connected, essentially being one button, is a pain in the ass because commands come out that you don’t want. A reason the ps3 pad could be better, is because you dont need to use any diagonals, because block is just a button. (was too hard to block in sf using a ps pad for me, thumb wouldnt cover down and back both completely)

Screw-ins can work but they’re made to grip wood. If you use them on a metal panel they’re going to loosen after a while. You could probably do something creative like hot glue the nuts in place so it doesn’t happen but in general it’s not going to work too well.

There is a bunch of random slowdown during X-Rays on the PS3 version, and the game slows down for a frame or two when you unlock a trophy. I don’t know about input lag cause I have no way to test it at the moment. The 360 version is a better port, but people like their sticks/controllers for PS3. Also, you can’t really use random select on the PS3 for the stage because Kratos’ stage is broken.

Who is all going to the ssf4 weeklies tomorrow? (HEY YO DRE! those weeklies still going on?)

Shoutouts to Jan for being so GDLK!

No weekly tonight.

Anybody with room in their car going up to Dallas next weekend? PM me if you are.

Anyone have room for dallas next week

Yo Crow when you get this msg call me.

SVTomar: Check pm!

Evo 2011 Hotel: I posted a while back saying I was going to help in the hotel findings as far as finding cheap rates. I couldnt find anything until now. I will be staying at the Gold Coast this year and it will be 208$ for all 4 nights. They have a 30% off special going on right now that ends May 4 so if you do not book now, you will be paying 300$+ for all 4 nights elsewere. Gold coast is down the street from the rio meaning 5min in walking distance and they have happy hour at TGIFridays so they menu is half off. With that said here is the link-> Click on 3 Day Sale. Im booking my hotel today cause I refuse to pay 300$+ for hotel when the 1st year I went I paid 65$ for all 4 nights with 2 bedroom. You can either click the link I provided or Call 888-402-6278 mention code Y1130C. Hope this helps everyone.

Well at least you guys get to go I’ll be rooting from work. Was planning to take my vacation an give it a shot but it didn’t pan out so well.

Oh well will you guys be recording matches at the event and if so any YT channel you guys will upload them to when the time comes?

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They might get taken down if someone complains enough. Any updates on the bus situation Jan, I hope the robbery out there a while back didn’t set things back.

How many players from Houston are going?

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Anyone down for some ssf4?

What the heck is ssf4? is that a game mode in mk9?

im down for ssf4 mk9 n marvel!!!