THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN - The Houston Thread - Texas Showdown May 5-7, 2017

Fake isn’t taking over, its hate…


Unless you know the true numbers behind it all, then I suggest you refrain from accusing anything of being a scam. Get the real numbers, crunch them, then figure out what’s really what.

^^silicone FAKE in my eyes. All i got to say to that is FAKE IS TAKING OVER LIKE Z-RO SAYZ!

Oh, and I’m going to say that personal attacks are not allowed. It’s disrespectful.

Yea, We all play at dave and busters every thursday. For more info visit and thanks for reminding me. Ill update the houston power rankings at today!

Im finished and said what i had to say. I could do a round 2 but ill save that if boys want to keep going. I got most of everything off my chest, things just need to be said and Planet Zero needs to pay Jan the money hes owed. Trust me I know alot more than you think i know about people. The situation with the loan money and mafia is nothing compared to what i really know. If i really want to go further and expose them I could post some shit on here that would turn this thread inside out. Print screens and documents but again, Imma chill right now and get back to relaxing…

In the mean time, google planet-zero scam and the 5th result pulls up this. How soon do we forget :nono: : Planet Zero SBO qualifiers are Rigged

Well, I’m going back and reading posts from the last few weeks to see the extent of this.

Im glad houston moved the drama from facebook back to srk

its refreshing to see things never change

All I am going to say is karma is a beast. It will always come around and serve justice when you least expect it. I love the idea and what PZ is, I hate and can’t stand its management. As long as people continue to go there and support it then it is what it is. Its not my money being spent/taken, nor my time and talented being taken advantage of. Well at least not anymore.

Also, do you blame the salesman for convincing the people into being suckered? Or the people for getting suckered? It works both ways.

What I was talking about deangelo to be specific since that is the way you like it was the fact jan was paid a salary/cut or however you want to put it of the weeklys that he started hosting. It has nothing to do with the tourney up there he supposed to won or anything else. If that is not true then I will apologize for receiving incorrect info. As far as kevin goes I defend a nigga if he did nothing wrong and I call him out if he does something wrong. Thats what true friends do everyone in this thread is guilty of one point talking about ppl and being talked about. That is not backstabbing if that person is willing to say what was said to your face. That is just a man expressing his emotions. As far as ppl personal situations being out there if it is not public knowledge or something you think that the next man would not want out there then why put it out there. Seems to me like ppl be looking for a nigga to tell them something personal then put it out there. Seems to be too much bitchassness running around these days. I mostly dont trust most of the new cats in the community cause everyone trying to front like their shit dont stink.

P.S. Once again the reason why I personally can go to pz without any hesitation cause unlike the childish mindset that most in the community seem to have I personally dont give a fuck about pz john. When I walk into his establishment I go to play video games I am not trying to find out his personal views, religious views, his political leanings or any such foolishness. If I have a question I ask for clarification from the horses mouth that way no he said she said bullshit pops up. Seems alot of ppl that has problems with pz seem to want to be liked or be in the inner circle whatever that is. If John or pz has promised you something and he doesnt deliver it then go to him like a man stand in front of his face and resolve the matter. If you dont feel like it is resolved in the fashion that you like then dont return.

I would appreciate it if people kept me out of this. If I wanted to speak on this matter I would have, but it was A PRIVATE BUSINESS MATTER. Despite the fact that John threw it out in the open on the facebook/ PZ group.

Big Chris, you don’t know what you are talking about in this matter. If you would like to know then ask me. That goes for anyone. People can lie about me all they want but I have always been for the scene. You think a little money would make me do something to hurt the scene? Get out of here with that shit. Technically John owes me money but I don’t really care about that shit. I couldn’t work out of PZ, John did me a favor by not paying me. I am allowed to run events and say what I really feel now.

I think PZ is doing some good for the scene now but it is disappointing how players have forgotten how John has repeatedly burned people. If it was out of spite or not is not the issue, he is the owner of a business and some of the issues that have come up with Planet Zero are DIRECTLY John’s fault. Some of the main people in his camp have gotten burned. It’s a damn shame.

I say look at what PZ is doing as a way for John to atone for his past mistakes. Take advantage of that shit as players, but just as that.

Can we talk about fighting games now?

I like how Chris usually comes in a thread like he knows everything but knows absolutely nothing. lol

Dj Tito: I 100% agree with everything u posted and you are right karma is a beast. It was just the other day you was Pz Dj and now them boys burned you up to recently. Pretty sad to see that there not even loyal to the people that stuck there neck out for them. Youve defended them on here countless times to get backstabbed as your reward. Ive always said the name Planet-Zero = AIDS, always wear protection when going in or you will get burned. Again there will come a day were he meets someone like Papa Johns and when he does, he will be in for a rude awakening. Messing with peoples money is dangerous cause I know pz john did not know he was affiliated with the mafia but i knew all along. Tito you a dj and you in hip hop and you know how some of them boys get when it comes to people playing with there money. Familys end up missing and on milk cartons is all imma say.

edited by Javi: this is low.

Sylint: 2 good! :tup:

Sylint I like how everything deangelo says u dick ride it. That is all sits back and enjoys the tea this is a medium brew tea gene nothing like that strong brew from this weekend.

P.S. I will post on what i know from what i was told by different ppl if necessary I will call out names for various info. If it not true then the niggas who it concerns can come and say its not true and we will move on. While it seems like ppl in here like to try to hold on to stuff till it builds I for one am not one of those ppl. Doing shit like that makes nigga look funny and stops the healing process.

P.S.S. Sad sight to see that pz john in here still taking niggas virginity.

pimp2303: In your words, nothing wrong with defending a nigga. Thats what true friends do!

Ps: Thats he say she say stuff. When you witness it then you have something to talk about. Until then its just the wind blowing in your ears.

Pss: Sad to see boys still talking about going to pz after pz john took there virginity’s R.KELLY STYLE!!!

Q(-_*@) “drunken fighter”

Chris, you’re not even around, though. lol You weren’t around for none of this shit. Where were you when the PZ marvel weeklys were happening? Where were you when Jan told us PERSONALLY what happened at Smileys? Where were you when John went personal on Jan, ABK, and me on FB? Where were you when John exposed the payment thing despite Jan being banned from the FB group with no way to defend himself?

You weren’t there for none of this stuff and I was there since day one at James’ house when Kevin talked to ABK, me, and Mark outside of James’ apartment complex. You weren’t there when John did what he did and Kevin had issue with the marvel weeklys and said Jan needed to get another laptop. You weren’t there when they had that meeting about changing the format behind Jan’s back. You’re talking about it but we’re LIVING IT. lol

You gotta understand that folks are trying to respect people’s discretion at their request. At the end of the day, you can only be loyal to so many people who ask you, “hey, keep that to yourself” and it offends the other person and vice versa. I can understand that you might be some sort of “reservoir” for information and everyone seems to tell you stuff that you can’t see cause you’re not in the scene. Understand this, coming out to ONE or TWO D&B weeklys does not mean that you’re in the scene. Popping up at Monsters when the wind decides to blow you in that direction doesn’t mean you’re in the scene. I’m way more active than you so I’ve seen things recently. I have no beef or ill feelings towards you at all, but I’m the type of person that is very blunt and will keep it funky at the end of the day (keep it real).

MAYNE HOLD UP! Is this thread back and living or what. It takes some drama to resurrect the dead nowadays. As they say in marvel, Marveloussss it feels good to have this thread back up and running. I heard some boys from out of town was coming to TYS Bar Fights 6 this weekend/Feb 11. Jewelman in my video game group and said he will be here so lets see who else might show up. Denton tx said they was coming for melty so if San Antonio/rain/sin-x comes thru, it will be some good bar fights cause i know they want they runbacks. Cant wait BABYEEEE BABYEEE!!!

Srk Thread: [Feb 11, 2012] Test Your Skills Bar Fights 6 (Road to FR 13) (Sugar Land, TX)
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I heard that you can find jan at PZ thursdays and wednesdays for their weeklies!