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New Southtown thread. The days of before have passed us. It’s time to not just get at CvS2, but also 3rd Strike, ST (fo’ shizzle Muffin Man!), SCII, maybe Tekken 5 if any SS members want to, back into Drummania, and any other games we want to play. We’re not just reppin’ West Coast or So. Cal or L.A…we got to let people know that we’re from SOUTHTOWN!!! With that said, let’s handle write some scripts, well, atleast me… and Muffin Man if he wants to… and Warren… and whoever wants to ride my jock! LOL. j/k. Brood and Geese, let’s handle this Soul Calibur II shiznit! Peace.

  • J-Peso

Hey hey I heard that !!!
Let’s do it mang!!!

Combo Fiend is going to lend me his copy of SCII, so I’m going to be practicing that when I can. Let’s see how well I could do with Cervantes. Geese, where you at? Yo Warren, what was it that you wanted to sell on ebay?

Yo Filthy, today is Saturday and I wanted to know if I can go drop of the tape at your pad today. I’ll go back online later today to turn in an online assignment and maybe do some research, so I’ll check up if you post a reply.

Jae, what’s up with this Monday? Is anything gonna go down? Holla back, son. Peace.

  • J-Peso

Yo Geese, here it is, you just couldn’t find it. You’re working too damn hard. So tomorrow is the shoot right? Give me a call. Bring your digital camera to take pictures of some stuff Warren wants to sell online. Peace.

  • PBB

Damn, the Big L has my digi cam…but yeah, the shoot was overtaken by me needing to take a final…actually lemme call you guys up to see if you still down to do it…ok, that is it…cool thread, SC!! anyone? By the way, I can’t upload my avatar (new and improved too!) how do I do it? I know I gotta go to my CP thing, but when I go to edit avatar, ther is no thing that let s me upload mines…lol…ok, lemme call y’all up…

Ltes wtcah ot see fi yuo cna raed tihs, fi os, tehn we cna get ralely cmopilceated…
anyways, see y’all laterz!
-The Geeeeeeeeeeeeese!


-ur avatar is mad dope…just have it with r4 sagat

Thanks, but I actually need Yama and Geese up there instead of Akuma and Iori, though I may switch them in a few times. Nonetheless, I still am using P-Groove. Fuck A-Groove, my job is to find a way around it. Ya heard? Peace.

  • J-Peso

Yo Jae, how are you doing? Keep us updated on your whole situation. I’m wishing you guys the best of luck. Peace.

  • PBB

:qcf: :qcf: :mp: do it.

CvS2 is getting boring, but A-Groove is fun. I’m still P-Groove for competition. Muffin Man’s combo video is dope. Nice customs there. I want to see how good his Kyo has gotten. I want to see those CCs. Holla! 3rd Strike is fun. Man, if I get cash, I would go to the tourney tomorrow. If I don’t, oh well. Priorities first…that’s why nobody is around anymore. Peace.

  • PBB


JC > Amir in DDR :clap:
… we’ll have to see.

Damn, I gotta post before this thread gets tossed into obscurity…
First off, good to see half o Southtown again, albeit at a FF tourney, we didn’t do too shabby, but then again not as badd ass as we could’ve…

Someone play me Soul Calibur II!! Brood did, too good, lol…
So yeah, who’s down to go to the next tourney? Aight that is all, keep on truckin…I mean Postin…Lates!
-The Geese

Why even have this thread? Nobody posts. Willy is missing, so is Fortino, Jae’s too busy for this (that’s understandable), Muff doesn’t have internet access, Cesar’s computer is busted, and Warren wants to play rather than post. All we’re doing is saving this thread from going to the next page. I don’t think there are that many threads for this to go to the next page, but it will stay at the bottom. Oh well, if it dies, it dies.

I terrible at that one tournament. I should have followed my gut feeling and not go. I was bored as hell. I agree with Brood, fuck CvS2. Soul Calibur II Baby!!!..and 3rd Strike.

Yo Muzikal, if you could hook me up with that cell phone you got, I would really appreciate it, but I know you’re busier than a mugg also.

Warren, most likely I’ll give you a call to let you know when I’m headed of to your place to work on the ebay thing. We’ll set up my computer thing for another day 'cuz I don’t feel like driving back and forth today. Peace.

  • PBB


pbb: may i ask a question? alright, i was just wondering why some of u guys are saying ‘fukk cvs2’. it’s not like i <3 the game or anything, i just want to have input on why some people hate the game. like, i hate the game when i lose to the same shit over and over. i try to use lower tier to make the game more interesting now…like p rock. i just don’t want people to quit the game because top tier kills the game…

ok, I can’t speak for PBB, but I’ll give my two cents…
Actually, I’m not saying fuck CvS2, the only reason I wouldn’t play it, or the game not becoming fun anymore, is the fact that there ain’t no people you can play and still have fun, because it’s always as if it was tournament play, i.e, turtles anyone? But anyways, I am not saying fukk CvS2. I still play it, but I guess everyone is just a little bored. I’m playin a little more Soul Calibur II, it’s still fun, even though I’m getting my butt whopped…but I don’t know what these guys are talkin about…aight, later…when’s the next tourney?
-The Geese

CvS2 owns bitches! 3S and SoCali II are just hella fresh right now. CvS2 can really be a stress sometimes…

Anyway JC and Geese hit me up when you wanna get some games in at my pad.

PBB, thanks alot for the good wishes, i really appreciate it. Warren, thanks for checking with me about the baby and all. Well, the baby was born on August 24th @ 6:07 am, and thank God everything was normal. His name is Kaleb Valdz, and he’s the reason why I’ve been out of the picture for a few days. Hopefully, if everyone is still down with some practice sessions in my pad, we could get some going in about a couple of weeks.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It’s nice to hear everything went well. I hope your wife is doing well. Enjoy all this time with your son, everything else can wait. Hopefully we’ll see you and your son soon. Since everyone has their own agendas, its hard to get everyone together at the same time. Nonetheless, we’ll make time for all of us to get together. Peace.

  • J-Peso

Congratulations bro. I’m glad everything went well. Good luck with everything, turn him into a little Street Fighter master. Heh heh.

Congratulations Jae, Good to hear everything is good.( Did you watch the giving birth part?) Hopefully it wont be any trouble for us together. 3s baby; HUGO!. :tup:

3rd Strike is ill, but I don’t think I’ll be going to Family Fun anytime soon. Warren and I run FAMILY Arcade, though. :rolleyes: Anywho, who knows when the next SS gathering will be, but I want to play 3S. Where’s Forti at? I hope he hasn’t left yet. Peace.

  • J-Peso