The Southtown Syndicate Thread


Our history will never die!


I think we’ve exhausted our SFIV combo library until Super. Well done JC.


First Post.


WTF… you’re still around???

How have you been?


Guile’s Kara Throw = Neutral S.MP
Ryu can combo D.LP to D.HK naturally (no counter hit) BRINGING CVS2 BACK!


Damn. Southtown hasn’t had a thread in SRK for like 5 years now. Well, time to get the crew back together for this. I haven’t found anybody worth playing on PS3 Network. The three losses I got were bull, but whatever. Where the decent players at on there? Whatever. I’m getting more comp from Forti than those fools, and that’s not a diss to Forti. Forti has been tearing me up in SFIV. Now we have to get the Southtown get togethers for this game. Let’s see if Geese, Jae, and Roger are down to get in on this. Mr. Muzikal, get in this, too.


Good stuff to everyone that showed up to Willy’s garage last night (aka WillyStone). Here are the results from the SFIV tournament (X360 & PS3):

1: TheMuffinMan (Ryu) -Darryl
2: Forti (Blanka/Bison) -Fortino
3: JC Exclusive (Akuma/Blanka) -JC
4: Roadkill (El Fuerte/Zangief/Ken) -PJ
5: Danila (Vega/Ryu) -Danilo
5: Drizzt01 (Ryu) -Willy
7: JAE (Ryu/Sagat) -Jae
7: EggRog (Blanka) -Roger
9: GaubanFreedark (Chun-li) -Will
9: One_2_Serve (Sagat/Akuma) -Ramon

There will be a next time…


I would never imagine the day that I could replace an arcade experience with freaking consoles. Last night was almost as good, if not better, than dropping quarters on a cabinet - strange. SF4 is the real deal. Time to retire them mas sticks w/ horis, haha.

So i guess Friday nights are going to be SF4 nights. Yesterday’s amount of people was perfect. Next time we should bring that foo Iian, or however u spell his name, and more fools like Muzikal. So when you read this Muzika, Friday nights will be the place to sharpen up your skills. W/ Muffin’s revolutionary discoveries, our gameplay should be getting better by the week.

bump SS is back! :looney:

p.s. - Muffs - my avatar is old and outdated. don’t want to burst your bubbles, but it sucks! …from your rookie days. hook me up w/ another or give me one that you’re not using :slight_smile:


Willystone??? ROFLMAO! Too good! That shit was funny because when Forti and I left the garage, it straight up sounded like an arcade was inside that thing. Yo, Muff, I took your advice and stayed with one character. From now on, I’ll use Akuma on stick and Blanka on pad. So I used Blanka all the way at the Gamestop Tournament.

By the way, my fellow Southtown peeps, I won the Gamestop SFIV tourney on St. Andrews and Sunset!!! I advance to round 2. That fool Ian went, too, and he advanced with me. I didn’t even know he was going to show up to the same one I was going to. It was me and him in the grand finals and I won, but we both advanced. I wonder how Danilo did at the Gamestop tourney on Sunset and Vine.

Damn, I didn’t even realize that there were quite a number of people in our get together this time until I saw the results. Remember my Akuma, Muff Man. The way I played him last in our casual match is what’s in store for the future. Hahahahaha!


thats goos shit jpeso!!! rep that shit down… and im down for sick training sessions…thing is my work schedule isnt set…i’ll keep you guys posted.


Nice job!

Did you happen to find out if Ian is serious about this game? I wouldn’t mind bringing back the old days by adding him to our training sessions, and I know Peter wouldn’t mind seeing his biggest fan again.:badboy:

Btw, a few more kara throws:

Vega: S.HK/D.HK
Abel: D.HK
Gen: S.MK/S.HK

Also, I noticed that there are certain situations where doing a combo to ultra after a focus crumple is more damaging than doing the ultra itself (this doesn’t apply to you JC).

For Example,

Ryu’s most damaging combo to ultra after a focus (so far) is…


This has done more damage than any other focus attack combo involving an ultra that I can do. Maybe you guys can find something better :nono:


Here you go Forti:

Additional items:

v.s. M. Bison (tested with Ryu)

MK/HK/EX Scissor Kicks are punishable on block with the following:

  • D.MK
  • D.HK
  • SRK
  • D.HP
  • D.LP

Any version of the Pyscho Crusher can be punished with moves that have a startup equal to or less than S. Close HP. In the event that Bison travels to the other side while you’re blocking, you can either do a HCB motion to SRK him (if he does the move from a distance) or do an SRK motion the other way (if he does the move up close). This also applies to his ultra.

S.HK/S.LP beats both the Devil Reverse (D, U + P) and the followup to the Headstomp.
D.HP trades with the actual stomp portion of the Headstomp in Ryu’s favor (unless it’s EX).
S.MP (Far) will cleanly hit any version of the Scissor Kicks if timed right.

For JC:

Akuma can block the first hit of Blanka’s ultra (the low attack), then SRK w/o trading. NO NEED TO TELEPORT SON!

I’ll be double checking as always, but so far everything looks good :coffee:


Yay!!! Good to know that about Blanka’s Ultra on Akuma. However, if I know I will have enough life after the chip, I’ll Raging Demon his ass. I guess that doesn’t really apply to me anymore since now I use Balrog. :bgrin: btw, I’m going to use Balrog for Round 2 of the GameStop tourney. Haha!


Hey hey hey!

First things first, JC, congratulations man? Who else qualified? Forti, did you go?
So dam, stuff is getting interesting…Maybe I’ll pick up Zangief or Ken…wait, I forgot about Fei Long!..

Dam, its been a looong while since Ive posted! But yeah man, so Southtown is back? It never left! Haha…but yeah, I’ll humour you guys by playing SF4 when I can, but my heart is still longing for CvS2…speaking of which, Willy is having a get together at his place on Friday, 2/27/09 at 6pm…Everyone going? How many TVS does Willy have? Dam, I dont have an extra tv, only little ones, and they suck for playing…let me know if y’all are going…

So yeah, Hopefully I’ll see you guys on Friday…keep it real!



What up, Geesemeister? You should take your t.v. since it has A/V inputs. Trust me, your t.v. isn’t bad at all. You, Roger, and Jae can play CvS2 on that one. haha. I’ll be there, but don’t know for how long since I want to get enough rest for Round 2 on the following day. And I have a film shoot before the tournament.


Ryu vs. Chun-li

Tired of Chun spamming S.HK in ranges for you to jump? Try hitting S.HP a couple times…

Also, both D.HK and D.MP can be punished after a close-range block (Reversal SRK or faster). Her S.HP is also easily stopped with D.MP, D.MK, D.HK, D.HP, and D.LP.

Finally, the EX SBK (Spinning…) is highly punishable with moves equal to or less than the startup of a D.HK (best punishing move at max range).

Hmmmm… almost forgot. Feel free to verify this yourselves (except for Willy :rolleyes:), but it seems that Chun has an unblockable cross-up in the corner. If you record her to dash forward, D.HK, wait about 3/4 of a second, then use her DF.HK (flip kick) in the corner, it will be virtually unblockable. It takes a bit of good timing, but it is truly the most difficult cross-up in the world to deal with. Ryu’s only answer is an EX SRK which luckily hits on both sides and stops this magic move of Chun’s. Good luck figuring this one out for your character (minus JC who can just teleport :feg:).


Thank God I can teleport! It’s a lifesaver. Anywho, I think I’m going to be chillin’ on this game for a bit since I got other things I probably should put my time on. I’ll definitely be hitting up the weeklies at Willy’s for sure and I’ll be taking Ian over so we can prep him up for Round 3 of the Gamestop tourney. Willy should post on here to notify us of upcoming get togethers and all that shnazzle. He probably doesn’t even know we have this thread up. Haha!

Yo, Muff Man, at the next get together, we could run both set ups like last time at Willy’s, but the PS3 version will be for game play and we can practice the technical functions of the game on the 360 set up. Like that, all of us are together and we’re using our time for SFIV. So make sure you write down everything you want to test out and we’ll test them out at Willy’s.


Yo, Muzikal, the website I was telling you about is, so you might want to peep it out and then decide whether you want to use their services or not. btw, Robert Shapiro is a co-founder of the website. :wink:


Yo yo yo!

I don’t know what all the fuss about this game is. Its actually a step backward from 3rd strike…and before you say to give this game a chance, I did. I really tried to like it, but it kept slapping me in the face…hahaha…C’mon, come back to CvS2. You know it treats you right…
Well, maybe Fei Long is the only thing that would make me want to play the game. Maybe…haha



Starting to think about it, I’m realizing CvS2 is a pretty damn good game. However, I believe it would’ve had more attention if role canceling was not in it. I remember back in the day in the old SHGL days, there were mad peeps going to tournaments. When roll canceling was practiced more, it seemed more and more people were dropping the game. It just ended up being the same characters doing the same thing and seeing the same people win over and over. With not enough players supporting it now, only people you can play the game with are the dying breed… such as yourself. haha. So c’mon, Geesemeister, join the SFIV flock… at least until KoFXII.



Abel can do a kara-command grab using D.HK.


Cross-up MK, D.LKx3, Kara-HCB+LP (if you see it, you’ll need a towel afterwards).


Alright. The official Muffin Man combo video for Ryu in Street Fighter IV is now up on YouTube. I put all these tags on it and yet when I tried searching for it, it wouldn’t appear. So if you want to view it, just use the direct link.


Watch in HQ for best quality. Enjoy, peoples!!! :bgrin: