The spanish stallion; The miguel thread

Wassup, This thread will be here for all things miguel. If you got any questions, Know a few things I dont know yet, etcetcetc bring it here.

Alright, Ima give some info now so a few of you can pretty much learn the basics.
Best pokes;
df1:Has many options, Its safe, And can go into savate off pretty much all of its options. The options are; df1,1(sav) df1,1,2 df1,2(Best one imo) df1,1,2 df1,1,4(sav)

1,2:Has 2 finishers, One which launches on CH but is very unsafe and isnt worth using(1+2), the other is slow but people usually dont expect it and it can lead into sav(4)

df4,1:I dont believe this is safe but it has 2 options, Maybe more if you count the fact that it can go into sav :< df411 The last 1 can be delayed and cause stun on ch. NCC

df3,2:Safe as far as I know, Has good range and does good damage. If the opponent gets hit by the last hit on CH, They fall back and are free for any move. df21 is what is usually used.

db3:Can be followed up by db4, Or I think its just 4 after it, Anyway it leads into sav and is pretty fast, But if its blocked you can get punished. Its still a decent poke though.

2,1:He pretty much just slaps the opponent lol, Can go into sav and is pretty fast and safe.

db4:This is a new move in BR, He kinda sweeps at the opponent. If its a CH the opponent will fall to the ground for a free db3/db4/stomp if you’re fast enough. Not exactly good, But most people dont really expect it :slight_smile:

ws2:The first part is safe, the second hit is the one that cause them to float if you will, And the last part will bound them. Most people just use ws22 anyway.

ws4:Dont really know what to say about this other than it being the reason miguels are always crouching(Other than ws2) Safe and does good damage. Also pretty much stops anything in its tracks.

I think thats all for pokes. If I remember more I’ll be adding them either to this post or I’ll make a new one.
Combo starters:db1, u/uf4, df21, CH4, ws22, fc df4, sav df1, sav b1,2, sav uf3 CH only
db1:Is usually followed up by ws4 d4 1+2 then into sav. Can be followed up by a ff21 if you are fast enough, If you are near a wall dont use d4 1+2 use db3 db4 instead then bound with d2. Unsafe launcher, But to many its unblockable soooooo. Can be charged but is unrecommended since it just makes it that much more punishable. Follow up to charged db1 is ws22 into combo of your choice.
uf4:The hopkick, After this you can do whatever combo you want, I personally use df1~sav df1 df1~sav f2b! df1 ff21, But like I said you can do whatever you want, This is unsafe as hell so use it as a punisher only.
df2,1:The twin pistons, I dont believe they are hit confirmable anymore which sucks, But they can be used as a punisher because of the slight range they have. This is free after df31 hits as a CH and the opponent doesnt recover.
CH4:Not so much a launcher, But hey free damage. Can follow up with d4 1+2 or ff21. I believe db3,4 too. I think on bigs you can do d2, I havent had a chance to try it out though.
ws22:Can go directly into the last bound, Safe on the first hit, if ws22 is used, Dont use df41 because it’ll whiff. Use df1 first then follow it up with df41.
fc df4:This has one follow up aside from the stomp, And thats ff21. Have to dash cancel to get it to hit, But its not hard at all lol.
sav df2:Unsafe to jabs I believe, Crushes highs, Hits grounded, And does a good chunk of damage. Can be used on the wall after df1 for big damage.
sav b1,2:Looks similar to his normal b1,4. He does a downward punch then does a sweep with the arms, Similar to db1 when its fully charged. Follow up into combo is ws22. ws4 could work, But I havent gotten a chance to test it out.
sav uf3:This is a CH only launcher, Cause stun which can be followed up, But you have to sidestep first. Follow it up with either df1 or df41.
These combos can only be used with uf4,df21,sav df2, CH uf3, or ws22 with a df1 used first.
The basic combo is usually; df41 df41 df22b! ff21. This is a good combo, Kinda lacks in damage however, But it has good wall carry.
df1~sav df1 db41 df22b! ff21 is the much stronger combo. Substitute sav121 after the df41 for wall carry.
df1~sav df1 df1~sav 2b! df1 ff21 This is the combo I use. It isnt used as a means of wall carry, Just as a means of avoiding some damage scaling, Does a good amount of damage. To get the df1 to hit after the bound you have to dash a bit.
df1~sav df1 df41~sav 2b! df1 ff21 Good amount of damage and a decent wall carry combo. You can use d2 instead of sav2 if you’d like. Have to dash to get the last df1 to hit.

Misc: Unblockable is f3+4~f, He’ll laugh and start walking forward and rub his chin, Then he winds up for the punch and PALOS. I believe this is an instant kill now, Or it could be that kuma just has the ability to take more damage. The move autoblocks up until he winds up for the punch, Too bad the whole move is like 5 seconds long. NEVER use this, Only use this if the opponent picked the wrong character and you dont want to wait too long. [media=youtube]7jAc5AtJ9xM[/media] Video for ref.

His taunt is 1+4 I believe, Has two animations depending on what side you are on, One side he raise his thumb at the screen and goes woohoo, On the other side he blows a kiss and goes woohoo. No use really, Just piss off people with it.

Item move is 1+3+4 for the gun, Hits high, Misses ling(Fuckin whore) and wall splats. This has only one way to be comboed, Thats after sav 1+2(I’ll get into sav moves in a later post) I believe it has to be charged fully for it to hit.

His other item move I dont exactly know, Since I dont have the flamenco guitar yet, Help would be appreciated :smiley:

Thats all for now, I’ll update this thread more in later posts.

You mean df32 not 1. Does the sit stun if they get hit crouching.

You can connect df41 after ws22, maybe only on bigs though.

1,2,1+2 launches on normal hit. Or maybe only if they crouch. Either way it’s still pretty useless

b1+2 is a decent poke since it’s fast and gives CH stun.

I like b+3 too, kinda slow move but advantage on block.

Yea, Im not really done, But yea thanks for reminding me that its df32. I always forget that shit, Editing now. Im probably gonna finish this whole thing up over the weekend.
Also, Would you guys want the custom stuff too? Or do you guys not care since the console is coming up soon anyway :<
The problem with b1+2 is that its a high and is punishable if ducked. Regardless I’ll include this in a coming post.

Yeah but most highs are punishable if ducked. I’d think that goes without saying. b1+2 is fast enough to out-poke a lot of shit and gives free combo when it does. I think it’s a pretty good deal, especially since Namco seems to like raping these kind of moves (Feng’s b1 is now a pile of horseshit compared to T5 version)

Also since I didn’t notice it before, df1,1,3 not df1,1,4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Custom stuff is interesting, I can’t get an IC card so I don’t know anything about that

Highs and mids only -_-

df411 is another good combo finisher after the bound fuck damage scaling, but sometimes when that is done on the wall the opponent slips off like an uber-wet vagina after the df4 putting YOUR back against the wall so be careful.

Lol, Damn im horrible with remembering what buttons it is. I’ll change it in a bit, Awhile ago there was a korean site that had the customs on it. I’ll look that up, Do any of you know the notation for the guitar slam?I know that it bounds, But the notation I have no knowledge of…

Miguel info:

Savage Stance (3+4):
-1,2,1: three high punches
-2: knockdown punch. can be charged
-3,3: two kicks, mid then high. Natural combo
-u/f+3 mid kick that can launch
-d/b+3: quick low kick that tracks pretty well
-d/b+4: another low except this one knocks down
-d/f+2: launcher, hits grounded
-d/f+1: mid punch

Noteworthy attacks:

1,2: basic 10 frame punisher
2,1: similar. can hold ~F to go into Savage Stance.
d/f+1,2: 13 frame punisher
f+4,2: if the hit connects, the second one is guaranteed. Is possible to hit confirm.
1,3: jab followed by low kick. Low kick has nice range
d/b+1: low attack. can be charged. quick version allows for a small juggle, and the charged version allows for a bigger juggle. Very unsafe on block
d/f+1+2: command grab. It gives plus frames.
4: regular kick. On Ch can be followed up by d+4, 1+2.
d+4, 1+2: low kick into high headbutt. Can be used after bound.
b+3: a jumping kick that low crushes and causes blockstun.
d/f+1: Mid punch that can lead to multiple followups. Hold Forward to go into Savage Stance.
u/f+4: Classic hopkick. launcher
d/f+2,1: Launcher. Leads to nice damage. However, horrible on block and can get punished severely.

^Why thank you, I was gonna write it up but you saved me some time. So how can I beat emphy? :frowning:

Full move list up! Taken off tekkenzaibatsu, Credit goes to jordyce.

Obviously this is better than my write up, But im semi proud of mine so I’ll leave it up there out of laziness and sentimental value.

Frame data time! Thanks to Mr.Bastoz for this LINK Im not too keen on framedata but im sure this would help a good chunk of people.

So I know this is super fuckin old to most, but I just saw [media=youtube]7jAc5AtJ9xM"[/media], and I think I finally decided my second, haha. :rofl:

Yup yup, So apparently I cant really talk tekken. If you guys need some advice just ask and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

I shouldn’t be saying this since these are MY strats lol, but utilize Taunt Cancels in your game. Obviously it isn’t the same as Bryan’s (and to a lesser extent Xiaoyu) since it doesn’t stun, but since you can buffer Savage Stance into a lot of his moves, it’s only natural to buffer moves while canceling his taunt.

I beat Kane’s (yes THAT Kane) Devil Jin Monday by canceling Miguel’s taunt into a short-range 1+3 throw. While I dashed in he tried to finish me off with a wakeup kick but I did df22, catching him in BT guaranteeing both hits 4TW.

Just like all taunt cancel setups, this works better up close, although Miguel is pretty damn tall (and hence manly) so you might reach with f1+2, df12, b4, df32, ws3, and of course the “unseeable” db1 from range 2.

Hell you can even TC~duck and just wait. UP DAT PRESSURE GAME :mad:

^I’ll keep that in mind. I dont apply too much pressure with miguel since alot of shit is jab punishable >.>

after 1+3 throw db1_db3 is guaranteed. take your free damage. if they decide to roll back_away from you after the 1+3 throw, you can also run up and backthrow them as they are getting up. but just take your free damage please.


^Fuck you, Get out of my thread :frowning:

I thought it was the 2+4 throw? 1+3 is the throw that he throws you all the way to the other side of the screen.



Is db4 guaranteed? You can answer this since you play this shit at work, And which one does more damage? I know db3 gives you an option, but in same cases I’d rather take the damage.