The Spider and/or Dragon

*edit Modified what was written due to the incoherent ramblings of a tired mind.

Hey guys, we all know Juri is a badass, and we know that Ryu is the starring badass. But the way things are going in the Street Fighter Story, Juri has been making everyone her B**ch.
She has yet to come across Ryu, the unconquerable posterboy yet.

So which who do you guys think would win between the two should they get into a fight according to the lore?

(the images below are just artwork I did regarding the two.)

Ryu wins against anything and anybody according to the SF lore which is shit anyways.

In SFxT you can take it one step further and even play them together :wink:

P.S. The pictures would be better placed in the Juri Art thread (actually, they’re posted there already)
E: Actually, YOU posted them there already. What the heck is this thread for?

Other note: I don’t really know what this thread is about tbh

Nice art!

Argh…uh…Now that I read it, I suppose I did stray from the topic. Ultimately it was more referring to the comparison of Ryu and Juri’s fighting abilities. Being that the two never cross paths in the storyline, I’d like to know by the fans, would think.

Also, I’m new to the Shoryuken site, so I couldn’t find a general forum for such questions. :frowning:

Juri would win. I base this on the Street fighter X Tekken cinematic trailers. Ryu spent the whole time in his getting his ass beat. The one hadoken he managed to get off, Kazuya pulled out a Darren Sharper (HOLD MAH DIIIIIIIIIICK!!!) and brushed it off. Whereas Juri beat Xiaoyu’s ass up and down a sky scraper in her trailer and kicked Jin right in his face for about 20 feet of air. But that’s just me.

I would

While I’m still uncertain as to who would win the fight between the two. The oppenents they were facing were on two totally different levels.

Ryu was fighting Kazuya, arguably the strongest of the Tekken crew. Ryu was never the strongest of the Street Fighter crew, he ranked I think 3rd or 4th strongest lore-wise in Street Fighter(but his potential supposedly the greatest by far).

Juri was fighting Xiaoyu…one of the weaker Tekken characters. She couldn’t even win a fight in the Blood Vengeance movie, and she was the main protagonist! I would say it’s far less impressive that Juri beat her, considering we saw her beat Guile, Chun, and Cammy; all of which are far stronger than Xiaoyu.

Also while Ryu was fighting Kazuya you could see he was focusing on suppressing his Satusi no Hado than he was on the actual fight. But once Ryu snapped out of it, he was more than able to keep fighting Kazuya, he was the first to force Kazuya’s punch back with his face.

It’s so hard to say, hence the thread.