The Spider's Lair - Juri



Welp since d3v said it was okay to make threads regarding DLC characters i am making this one for juri.

In SF 4 juri is amazingly fun to use IMO. Interested to see how she will change in SF 5, haven’t gotten to play it myself yet but definitely plan to get it once urien and juri are out. What are your thoughts so far?

EDIT: thanks to Johnson Carl 96 for title


I read “titles” in the thread name as “titties”. =)


Flamingo stance V Skill. Make it happen.


The Spider’s Lair - Juri?


Seems fine. Anything is fine compared to “Juri” or “Juri Thread” like that oddly named “Ken Thread.”


Feng shue v trigger?


Weak thread titles make me weak bruh… Don’t make me weak


d3v or johnson’s title which one do you guys want lol, (i’ll change it to johnson’s title thanks.)


The thing I am praying is that her kasatushi is insanely cool. It was always a bit disappointing in sf4 imo, but if it ends up as cool as the general teleport mechanics the other characters have it should be dope!

I also really want to see her new animations. And of course her romance with Lau- EDITED TO PREVENT FANFIC ESCAPING CONTAINMENT


Figure she’ll have her fireballs but I am curious how + on block fireballs would work in this game. If fireball store is punishable or release is negative she isn’t going to play anything like what I would want.

Same with Guile, like that level of goodness just is hard to imagine in limited fighter V.


Juri V-Trigger = summon the Putty Patrol.


New title? “Knock you up, knock you down.” - Juri Thread or “Play time is killing time.” - Juri Thread


V-Trigger= FSE I would be surprised if it’s not.


“Make my monster grow” - Juri Thread.


I see Juri playing pretty different. Dive kicks will obviously be toned, fireballs won’t be quite as spammy, probably focus more on a close range game with different options than she had before. Might get something weird and new in the neutral to compensate.


Funny yes, makes sense? Not really.

hopes for a command throw

Shukisen should be easily reworked (if it even needs it honestly.) fireballs…what could they do? They can’t make them standard fireballs, but they also can’t go too zany either. I am eager to see though. I do hope for one thing though. Her CA is either the kaisen dankaikraku but done a little differently OR a whole new Ca.


I think she’ll probably have stuff like VF sarah with the flamingo stance.


Also, pretty sure she makes certain fan’s “monsters” grow.


I’m really excited to see how juri turns out!


Well rita is awesome. But it more tributes to her hair then anything. Take the dhalsim title thread. When you think dhalsim you think fire, yoga, and stretchy no?


Hope they have her hair go down when she activates V-trigger or when she takes damage like Ky in GG.