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Might try juri again. That sounds like a strong change.




what’s this about her vt1 doing only 3 or 4 fireballs at max?


I’ll make clips of stuff pretty soon. That’s basically how it works now what you said. You knew you werent going to get 2 bar without nerfs


idk how I feel about it, maybe this is more of a nerf than a buff…
I’m not even sure about Juri being able to use her VTI twice in a round, she has problems in gaining v-meter (and the v-meter gain from her v skill have been decreased) and she need those v-reversal against rushdown characters


My computer is having trouble clipping stuff so I’ll just post the general link <<< Click this link and go to the earliest video that’s 3 to 4 hours long.

Around 2 minutes 30 seconds in starts Juri training.

First thing you see is the more active frames on her LK fireball. Basically means it travels further across the screen now before dissipating.

LK fireballs during V Trigger burn more gauge. Basically from activation you’re only going to get 4 fireballs before they disappear. I know for me any ways that means I’ll be making sure I have a LK fireball ready so I can throw a fireball out in neutral and then VTC on whiff to safely get started if I can’t land HK fireball or button into VTC.

Juri’s V Trigger 2 has a vacuum effect like Gief’s on activation if you’re close enough where it can suck them in. Probably have enough advantage to start a combo from the vacuum stun also. If you VTC into it you can combo at least s.MP from what I saw. Works like what people said where if the opponent is knocked down or being thrown the meter drain shuts off. Realistically you’re probably only going to be taking a meter and a half away from the opponent at most with this.

c.HP seems to look like it’s slightly better for AA, but still doesn’t look like a great AA.


At first the 2 bar trigger seems nice, but overall it kinda feels like a nerf.

VT 1 basically covers Juri’s flaws, the constant need to sacrifice space to gain access to her stores.With VT 1 getting fewer stores combined with v-skill granting less bar for the trigger it does not look promising.

Juri is pretty much in the same spot as she was before in my opinion. As for VT 2 , it just doesn’t exist tbh.

The light fuha ,fully invincible EX dp and st mk cancel window buffs are the biggest things she got in S3, v-system remains flawed.


IMO 2 bar is still better regardless because Juri doesn’t have great ways to build V Skill with a V Skill that requires a charge to be useful in neutral or confirms to begin with. Which means most of the time you end up getting VT1 in Season 2, you’re already almost dead. That’s objectively better than having to wait for a 3 bar that doesn’t come back as well as the best unless you make some good reads.

With it being 2 bars it means at worst you’re losing 40 percent health before you get it and makes the V Skill more useful for getting it faster. Landing one V Skill means you’ll likely get it once you lose a bit more than 30 percent. Helps if you land a CC as well. The V Skill gauge build nerf seems very slight. Not a big difference. Ibuki’s V Skill took a nerf too, but it’s also very slight.

Plus the biggest buff with VT1 going to 2 bars is you get that buffed dash way earlier. Helps to force the issue of getting in and pushing people towards the corner where your pressure is better any way.

She’s not going to be top tier unless people really put together stuff that Juri players haven’t been doing for 2 years, but she should be in a good spot with these changes I think. Like SFIV, you only need one ultra for the most part if you’re a good character any ways. Viper was always pretty strong even though she had an Ultra that was essentially useless.


Juri’s fireball


With the change to her fireball, I wonder if we’ll now be able to cover both normal and back recovery after hitting HK release xx LK release.


This reminded me to record a video of her fireball before AE drops, so I can compare it later. I always forget to do stuff like that. From the look of it, the increase in duration is very small.

Edit: I tried to get it as close to the position as the clip Garu posted

Season 2 Fireball:


I feel like having access to target combo will grant us more opportunity to get v gauge by doing tc>uncharged v skill. And there’s meaties after that.

I think having a vt2 the way it is now is much more useful than the 3 it is now. You’ll be able to rack up damage, pressure, and stun, way faster into the game now.


The new fireball goes slightly over the red line now with the extra active frames.

Definitely. Uncharged V Skill had some combos that it could work, but it was situational because target combo is ass and other things. Now that target combo is not ass, could be more viable strategy and the VT1 can be a lot more a part of her gameplay now.


yup, definitely different than now, that extra distance on the fireball is pretty huge… walk right up behind it and if they stand-block, hit low… if the crouch block, well-timed overhead could be safe (potentially being able to combo off the fireball confirm after a successful overhead), maybe even a jump-in cross-up… dash/walk ahead of it for a throw… bait a yolo ex dp, or wait for their jump-in. well-timed vskill cross-up… hk-ryo behind them when they back roll will have more situations to actually work in… looking forward to this.


Being able to do safe on block overheads is something I always wanted to do with her fireball, so hopefully this gives enough room for that.

I can imagine setups where you have LK fireball and VT1 ready. Shoot out the LK fireball, VTC walk into them with safe overhead and then go HAM. If you can do that, I’m so down with the new Juri. Not holding my breath for that to work out perfectly, but it’s definitely worth trying at launch.


Yeah, I looked at the spacing of HK release xx LK release with the dummy doing back recovery. That little bit extra forward movement might be enough to reach a back tech. Being able to cover both recoveries would be nice. That would be the +1 or +2 fireball that everyone wants. Though, cant say for sure yet.


Yeah the active frames just reward you with more plus 1s or 2s when you get spaced fireballs. They weren’t going to give static plus fireballs and let her run free pressure with a low profiling fireball. This seems to be a good middle ground though.


decent buff, but at the range you’ll be getting +1/+4 frames it’s gonna be in backdash or jumpback territory.


Why not? Seriousely, why not? A low fireball like Juri’s is worse than a regular height fireball because moves that are not projectile invincle can go over it, it controls less vertical screen space.

It is also a projectile that requires 2 actions, first is whiffing a 30f special that has no range and then you still need to use it.

Why would it be bad to make it atleast +1 on block? If she does it on block it means she couldnt have used it in neutral to approach and vice versa. You also have vreversals available.

I dont understand why you are so against it? She doesnt even have an ex fireball which is + or a VT fireball that is plus and it knocks the opponent down so its basically worthless on hit.

Shit like her fireball SHOULD be a damn fucking good tool, it should control horizontal space, have fast recovery and be + on block. Because that is all she fucking has. It will als be the answer to a lot of her issues. Goddamn ibuki players.


Hmmh, how much do you guys think people will be willing to pressure you after you’ve activated vt2?
Is the meter steal enough to discourage people from staying in Juris face?