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Yeah it’s obvious half of C tier is the unknown tier. Pretty much no one that’s sponsored mains Juri except for Infiltration and Infil maining a character is more like how Punk or Nuckledu have “other” characters.

Some people can just use that list as a “oooh see i told you Zeku is bad” to scapegoat their way out of needing to get better with him. Realistically though he likely has the toolset to realistically be B to A.


One week in with Season 3 Juri, and I can feel the impact of her changes more than I did with Season 2. I’m still getting caught off guard with how far her fireball is reaching. I’m seeing a lot more scenarios from SFIV where my fireball goes under theirs and hits them while I can block. I dont always have to be within their jump arc to throw a meaningful fireball.

I like the options VT2 gives me.
I could not land this super without VT2, and I had enough Vgauge left to gain more meter:

That scenario made me think: “If I can turn less than 3 bars into a super, how far can I push that?”
So far, I found this: 2 bars and one whiffed lk pinwheel plus a MK store can turn into a super. You also get a store back during the combo

I have to look out for situations where I end the round with stun, because I can use this to steal meter. Even though right here it was the end of the game, it’s something I have to remember to do. Also cr.HP is an anti-air again :heart:

EX DP buff saving me from the Gold Akuma Army. Though if he was more aware, he could have chipped me after that jump in( that’s why I mashed ), but he went for a throw:

I went into ranked for the first time in 6 months and went on a 10 win streak and hit Super Gold. I know that’s nothing compared to all you Plats and Diamonds, but she feels more solid too me.


Pretty great set between me and vArcee’s Kolin. Really intense right until the final moment! Watch if you’re interested :slight_smile:

I also fought my friend’s Sakura, and he did some really cool stuff!


Hey, could you guys take a look at my replays with Juri? I know that I’m bad at basically everything but I don’t really know on what aspects I should start focussing on, could use some advice from a different perspective.
Don’t be afraid to judge, any kind of feedback is welcome.
p.s. how are you guys that good and still Gold rank? I can’t do half of the shit you guys do in those videos and replays, you better start grinding some lp or people would start thinking we’re on the same level


I watched a couple of your matches against Ken and Akuma.
The thing that stood out to me the most is that your forward movement is 90% dashing. Your dashes didn’t seem to have much purpose behind them other than wanting to be closer. When you did get close, you would then back off and repeat the same movement. Your pokes are almost completely absent too.
You lost mostly to Ken checking your dashes with buffered into DP:


You have to walk more, especially forward. You need to be at ranges where your pokes can actually do something. With that Ken constantly buffering his, you could contest him with You could low check him with sweep since he was walking back after every

You could also walk up and block(aka bulldog). That would make his buffered DP come out, so you can punish.
In fact you actually did this, but you might not have been aware:


Also, work on your punishes. He was dead after that blocked DP.

He also got away with a lot of jumps. I know it’s hard to focus on the ground and the air at the same time, but it’s something you have to work on.

Learning to Bulldog- the concept of walking forward and blocking, can teach you a lot about spacing. It can also be intimidating. I would do this a lot versus Balrogs, because Gold Balrogs aint got time to space their dashpunches. I wanted to put myself at a space that I could punish lp dashpunch on block.


When you combine it with anti-airs, you can move up pretty fast. Bulldogging isn’t a magic trick towards good neutral, but rather a stepping stone.

I’m still Gold myself because I don’t like Ranked Matches. I feel people put LP gains ahead of actual improvement. People would ragequit a lot. Then when they fixed that, people would stop giving runbacks unless they bodied you. The more I ranked up, the common this stuff became. I also went back to college two years ago, so my playtime was significantly reduced. I recently graduated, so hopefully I’ll have more time soon. I might just grind ranked to Platinum, since the vibe I get around SFV is you dont matter if your Gold and under.


Thank you, it baffles me how I am missing such obvious things, I’m not really good at judging my own playstyle


I think they should let juri cancel her st mk on the second hit


To help with whiff punishing


I think she needs a lot of things, but the 2nd hit of Juri’s being special cancelable outside of VT1 is a bit too much imo, I wouldn’t get mad if they decide to give her that tho.

Thing I think she needs to be on par with mid to high tier characters are as fallow:

- slightly forward movement and 2nd hit being OH
- 2 frames faster from 14 to 12 and hop lows
- st.hp slightly forward movement
- +3 on hit
- Target Combo more juggles potential with long reaching normals such as, st.hp or
- EX Ryodansatsu at least 100 damage and Overhead


I agree with the st hk and overhead but her neutral needs to be improved to compete. Her neutral revolves around having light fireball. Without it she feels helpless her st mk isn’t enough in neutral when there are crush counter buttons that destroy it. They should change one of the tenserins to be horizontal with a knockdown. Which would give you a chance to store. Right now she has to use meter to get a knockdown off lights. Something has got to change about her fireball and store mechanic first the store needs to space her out where she returns to neutral not being pressured after storing and the fireball needs to either be plus or make it so there is more block stun on normals cancelled into fireball. Everyone’s argument is that you can make her fireballs plus with correct spacing but at that spacing more than often the opponent does a cross up on you or jump back.


You can combo lights into heavy DP already, I’m not sure what you referring to. The thing they should change uis probably the knockdown on Medium and Heavy DP to give Juri more time to store and improve her oki a little.
As for firaball spacing, if they try to cross up you have all the air to air tools, j.HP, air TC and air-throw, and is they jump back you can snipe with V-Skill.


@ZioSerpe Light confirm into dp only works on jump in otherwise you could whiff and eat a big crush counter and on fireballbspacing just to give you an example if you do stlp st mp cr mk into fireball they can jump in between cr mk and fireball if you press a button right after fireball you eat a jump in. Also since you are still recovering from fireball no options work except if you can dp in time but characters like Rashid necalli have a jump in that hits really early giving you even less time to react. So to sum it up those options are rarely going to be used unless you give up pressure and just wait.


Lights into DP is literally the one conversion she gets constantly from s.HK CC. if it wiffs you were late on the cancel and it was just a raw DP.
Cross’ups don’t hit early, and AA jab still works on them.
If they Jump in between c.MK and fireball, 1st of all kudos to them for being that preparred, second you still have the chance to AA them on neutral jump. Jumpback is risky to contest if you don’t have Vskill lvl 2 but then again, you don’t need to contest it.


I hope Aiai and Yossan are competing at evo japan.


I don’t know what version you checked or when the last time you tried it was, but as of the patch before AE they could jump out.



It’s Juri in SFV… Did you really expect anything good?


Did… did we finally take an evo? Does it count if it’s evo japan and he got to winners finals with menat?


Menat couldn’t beat Takeuchi. Juri won Infil 1st. It’s partial credit, but still counts, because without Juri, it’s pretty much assumed Takeuchi had Infil’s number.


I couldn’t be more happy my favorite character being played by my favorite player and on top of that he wins evo with her :slight_smile: