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First EVO Japan and Juri takes it. Pretty cool!

Were these the only Juri players? Shouldn’t there be a second Anchobibi game?

Juri @ 22:00


Idk if anyone has talked about this but Will recently reminded me about her MK.release > microwalk combo which will now give a full TC on hit.

Even though this is hard and may be inconsistent I think adding this to your game seems crucial at the high levels because you won’t be at a store deficit post-combo, or you can stock up a LK.release if you don’t have one.

It also does more damage via this route even if you do TC > store > LP.Pinwheel and the oki is ALSO better than standard combo routes. The only time it isn’t optimal is when they’re standing obviously cause it doesn’t work, and when you’re in the corner.

So altogether -
Midcombo stores to offset her resource management factor.
More damage.
Better oki.

This needs to become a baseline crouching only combo without microwalk. This would fix the store issue.


you mean this?


apparently there was another Juri in top 64 @ evo japan, but I can’t fins this matches. He’s called yoyotai


New vid series for Juri punishes against specific characters! Hope you find this useful. More matchups on the way.


Good job with these videos @JusticeSoulTuna

Here, have a cute Juri badge.


Last night I was playing against an Abigale and finally realized what I miss about SF4 so much (aside from Juri being a new character again in 5)…

In 4 Juri had options vs everything. Sure they could be tight and hard to do, but if you knew your shit in a MU she could stuff just about anything and had to take very little. I’m sure other characters were the same but I only really played her after super came out.

In 5 there’s just too much shit that you either; 1. block and hold a50/50 or 2. get hit by into big damage or a KD. I think that’s the worst byproduct of the watered down game we have.

I used to look up aiai or yossan or even Derricklegend replays in a MU I was learning or had issues in and pick up cool things to try in specific situations or vs a move or jump in. I’d watch hours of matches and it was fun… now I’ll watch those same guys or GT or infiltration play and it gets boring after a set or 2. And all I really gather from watching is things like infiltration loves jab and confirms but aiai love to cross up. There’s very few little nuances in 5 I guess.

I’m sure some of you remember stuffing wake up SRKs by jumping just past them with j.hp… or holding hk fireballs forever waiting for guile to finally follow in a boom and jump in… yeah I miss that shit.

Also… no I miss SF4 Juri TT post is complete without mentioning and it’s glorious juggle states.>>>dash> for a cross under or>>s.lp>dash> to stay same side is probably my favorite mix up of all time.


Yep Juri had a lot of tech in 4 but in 5 you got to block forever since she has very limited options.

It sucks but another season has arrive and Juri is still low tier and I don’t think that would ever change in the future so just try to make her work or just play another character or even other game.


Fuck that… Juri for life. I do play other games but the spider always pulls me back into her web.


Do people not remember Vortex? Unblockables? EX pinwheel losing to meatys? AE Yun? Seth? Fuerte? Elena?
The cycle of looking back at an older game with rose colored glasses will never end. The game lambasted as “Street Fighter 4 Kids” is now the gold standard. I can’t wait for SFVI so we can look back at gentle Abigail and honest Laura.

At the end of SFIV, Juri was mid tier. You could argue high-mid. And it took her a while to get there.

SF4 Juri didn’t start looking complete until AE 2012. She really didn’t get much exposure until late AE into Ultra, which was like 4 years after Super. Infiltration never brought her out in big spots. AiAi starting doing work(tournament wise) late in SFIV’s life.

Two full years of SFV Juri and she’s taken two major Grand Finals. As watered down as SFV might be, she still has one of the most varied tool kits.

Infiltration opts not to use the beloved Menat, whose apparently “more Juri than Juri”, seals Evo Japan with Juri, and you guys sound like you’re about to put a gun in your mouth. Did we merge with the Gief forums or something?


I agree she wasn’t top tier in sf4 until usf4. However in that game juri was a character that felt rewarding when mastered and when you lost with her I felt like it was my fault and I knew why I lost. In this game I can lose from one bad charge leading to a jump in then one more mixup into stun/death. Whether you like sf4 or sfv you can’t argue that sf4 was much more creative and allowed for more neutral which favored juri. On a side note about sf4 people always bring up vortex but fail to realize sfv has it worse in my opinion .There were more opportunities to escape in sf4. In sfv every knockdown feels like a vortex the matches revolve around getting that one hit then trying to steam roll. With limited options sfv has constant 50/50 on knockdown.


I’m still seeing people say Juri is now top tier (top 5) and it honestly, literally and infuriatingly hurts my brain and soul. I’m sorry, but if anyone thinks Juri is anything but bottom 5 you are f****** special.


What is vortex? Tokido’s stylish Akuma oki. Its just a flashy way of saying meaty or Oki and maybe had more options, but boiled down to guess left right or throw and if you’re wrong you’re on the ground again.

Unblockables and OS being gone is a plus and I hated ex pinwheel for a very long time.

There’s bullshit in 5 to compare to yun and Seth, and I’m convinced feurte grew a beard and traded his mask in on a turban.

I must have came off the wrong way. I like 5 and Juri has grown on me, but it feels like there’s nothing left to find. Sure there’s some combos I haven’t drilled or Oki setups to learn, but in 4 I was learning to stuff moves and finding new ways around shit all the way up until 5 came out.

Edit: post was longer bit either my phone or the forum is fucking up and I ain’t typing that shit again. You’re welcome


I think SF4 favored fireball zoners more. I don’t see that as good or bad, it’s just different, like how fireballs in 3S are not strong. It’s the main reason I’m glad she is not the same as SFIV Juri. Even Ryu can’t throw fireballs for long in this game.

The escape options of SF4 lead to the crazy amounts of option selects, canned setups and vortex. I think that’s why SF4 seems more tech heavy. You had to find a way to stop Rose backdash, or find a way to stuff FADC-able DPs.

The one hit into death only really shows itself when V-trigger is in play. While in SF4 you can boil a lot of matchups down to “dont ever get knocked down”.

Yeah, season two Ibuki’s bombs are scary, but I think her SF4 neckbreaker was scarier.


I think SFV AE is better game than SF4, but Juri is not better character thats it


Vortex is a 50/50 that leads to the same 50/50, usually involving a hard knockdown. Akuma air tatsu into sweep. Ibuki kunai into neckbreaker.

Vanilla SFIV Akuma demon flip throw was really silly. The throw had little to no recovery, so if you didn’t have have a reversal you had to jump to avoid it. I remember Abel having a difficult time with it. They nerfed the demon flip throw in Super.


What do you guys think about Juri being able to cancel releases into stores? It would have to be only the stores that weren’t being canceled from and something done to prevent loops (maybe only 1 cancel per store per combo/block string or even one use of a command per sequence).

Just a crazy idea I had but I think it would be fun and maybe fix some issues with her pressure.


Nah cause it’d be broken as fuck

I’d explain but I think it’s self explanatory


Some great Juri shots.






Another set against vArcee’s Kolin, from the same day too!