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Throw nerf is pretty huge IMO… her throw game was the only thing really setting her apart from characters with similar game plans. I knew it was coming one day, but still.


Does anybody know which version of Fuharenkyaku they’re talking about with the change? I assume they’re talking about the HK Fuharen release since that’s the only one that does 100 damage.


It is the HK release.

Quick question: Have we always had enough frame advantage after HK release > MP DP in the corner, to store, followed by meaty MP?


That only works if they back recover. It gets blown up by quickrise jab, even a 4 frame jab.

There is a setup that covers both wakeups. HK release, MP DP, whiff, lk release.
The fireball will beat 3 frames on both wake up recoveries. This is something I see GentlemenThief do.

The fireball will beat wakeup buttons on either recovery. Also, if they backrise and block the fireball, the fireball is plus on block.


First of all: hey everyone.
Second of all: these Juri changes are a bad joke, and man if I played this game in ANY serious capacity anymore, I’d be mad about it.

New entry in the Juri punish series. Today’s vid is for Guile. I should note that it’s quite rare for a Guile player to do his unsafe target combos, and even then the punishes are more reactions than typical punishes. Then again, this vid would’ve been very short if I just showed Flashkick punish, haha.


Also, here’s the Nash vid for anyone who didn’t see it


seems like she still has a throw loop against Laura, will test other characters




Am I reading this correctly, did they actually stealth nerf VT2?


Yeah, I saw this today too. I tried my 2 bar super combos with VT2 and they don’t work anymore :crying_cat_face:

Welp, I guess it’s back to VT1 for me. I actually haven’t used it in a match since AE came out.


Who in their right minds would nerf VT2 of all V-triggers in the game and on top of that, not list it in the patch notes.

All the top Juris on the leaderboards is using VT1, so I can’t imagine it’s even intended as a direct nerf to Juri herself.


I was shocked to say the least when VT 2 didn’t get any changes in this patch.

You would think that such a terrible trigger that almost nobody uses would get tuned,and it did via a hidden change and a nerf.

Quite hilarious,i stand by what i say when i say that Capcom just wants some characters to be good and some to be bad,there’s no explanation.


I hate the restrictions of VT1. So many cool ideas just out of reach. Everything comes with a caveat. I was messing around with the easy meaty you get off of vskill. It looks cool, it hurts, but it has to be counter-hit, and crouching, and quickrise, because we can’t cancel into mk release while in VT1. Back rise works too, but you have to take an extra step.

You can get the dizzy without using a fireball, if you start the combo with a jump-in:




New entry in the Juri punish series. Today’s vid is for Chun-Li. This vid is particularly detailed, due to the nuance of Chun-Li’s moveset.


Fuhajin had a match against Bonchan this weekend


@AriesWarlock Beat you to it !



Stop beating me to it!! That’s a pretty awesome image. :heart_eyes:


Infiltration in s 3.5.

Gentleman thief