The Spider's Lair - Juri



I finally fought a Menat! What I learned was: Don’t challenge that v-trigger lol. Act like you’re never going to jump, then jump like crazy. Gold league strats ftw. I tried to vskill through her orb toss, but my reactions are shit :poop: they only hit because she walked into them.

This was also my first time using VT1 in match since AE dropped. The first game I got caught with my pants down thinking I was using VT2 . I was like " uh… how do I use this again?" heh.


Juri at Fighter’s Spirit

02:25:40 vs Kazunoko


New entry in the Juri punish series. Today’s vid is for Ibuki



Nice. There was a similar setup concept but without the dizzy


Using the instant air lk to get the stun or to end the round is nice. However, I remember early after her release in season 1, the instant jump lk into jump mk(while in VT1) was found to not be real. It looks like a tricky mixup on a training dummy, but in a real match the natural tendency for the opponent is to just walk forward as Juri goes over them. The opponent recovers way before the lands.


True. If you turn the attack data on I’m sure it would show how negative Juri is after that instant j.LK


st. MP is that good huh


That must mean it has a hell of a counter poke box. Interesting.


I asked in the story thread about the meaning of Juri’s moves


speaking of that crossup from days ago, I think this is Hsien Chang


New entry in the Juri punish series. Today’s vid is for Urien



I hate that this is still a thing even with the truncated VT1. Apparently the world would end if Juri looped xx mk release four times. I know I should just chain xx, but it’s still a stupid restriction.


from the recent patch:


・Standing MP (V-Trigger)
Increased the forward hitbox.


that sounds interesting


I tried her microwalk link to see if it was easier. My execution isn’t good, so I can’t really tell a difference myself. I was able to hit it 5 times in a row, but then again I missed a lot too.


They are EXTRA careful with giving Juri buffs for some reason.


The buff don’t give her anything new, I assume it’s QoL for chained normals during VT or something


Started playing ranked again. Gonna try and break these gold chains. Man, there are a lot of Guiles out here, though I think I’m becoming more patient.

Also, I really like this color for her story costume.