The Spider's Lair - Juri



Great mod for the best girl.

The jiggle physics are hilarious but lucky enough that’s optional !


Necroreplying, but yes. I miss combining Kara cancels with armor cancels, or at least before they stealth nerfed ACs. Armored LK Pinwheel was so useful vs Chun& Dictator, until one day it didn’t work anymore, kinda like Store suddenly not-breaking Focus.

I don’t know which version of sf4 Juri is my fav, since early versions were buggy but later versions were increasingly homogenized and less Juri-like.


I thought this looked like from DOA5, and it was so. Anyway, pretty cool mod. I have forgotten Juri’s cutscenes from the games. They did a good job with her face. Unlike with Ibuki.


To be fair Ibuki is cute,but her win screen face is terrible.

But yea, Juri top tier in looks department ! I’m still waiting buffs department ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Off topic : Ever noticed how Valmet from Jomurgand looks very similar to hair down Juri ? Both of them are badass.


New entry in the Juri punish series. Today’s vid is R. Mika. In glorious 1080p-60fps!


I had a good run in ranked yesterday. Went on a 9 win streak and hit Ultra Gold. Still have a lot of bad habits. l dash behind poorly spaced fireballs a lot, and I can be really stubborn about when I want to push buttons. A lot of bad/missed punishes too.

Strangely, I’ve been feeling more comfortable in matches. Which makes it easier to focus on situations like an impending overhead, or when someone is late teching a lot.


Discord is meh so i decided to quit it for good.

Will just post here with you fine people. Here are some great Juri pictures i managed to dig up.


I commend you on it! Myself haven’t browsed as many galleries as I would like to since work and over two thousand open tabs are making me procrastinate! I have the original from that white and black image, I mean I know the author. I don’t think he did any more Juri images sadly.


You are giving me quite a challenge when it comes to showing you new Juri pictures.

You are a man of culture Aries.



Let’s just say when it comes to Juri, I’ve already been there :wink: lol but by all means, keep posting images.


More ranked matches. I got a 6 win streak this time, and now closing in on 7000LP. Getting to fight Platinums is cool, but my runback rate with them is 50%. I guess that’s the ranked mentality. Kind of a shame. I got to fight an Ed, a character I rarely see, but he bounced after 1 game. Lil Evil said on NLBC that you should v-reversal his VT2, and that’s all I know about Ed.

Also, I remember Lion Jak saying how the fireball buff helped against Birdie’s can. I could see it in this match.


Godsdamnit! Why does Capcom insist on screwing me with the costume codes?

I thought forgetting to take off the Michael Jackson jacket was as bad as it gets but now I gotta remember to bring her tits!?!?


Haha, yea i wish there was an option in the menu where it lets you toggle the costume features.

Her nostalgia is still the best costume imo ( and i actually do like the jacket ), but i find myself using her premium one lately.


Premium color with blue hair and white pants rocks… punk Juri in green or red is still my favorite tho.


Jaytheace was playing Juri at canada cup



He played quite aggressive,I feel that Urien gave him too much respect.

Man,with just a few tweaks Juri could be quite a powerhouse.



Infiltration with Juri @ 01:08:03



guy who drew that last one must have been smoking something when he did that one

Infiltration day 2 @ 02:19:43

dirty 2:29:57