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I will never understand Gief players. It’s the only match-up where the thought “Is he giving up?” occurs. I’ve had so many matches that end that way, with the full screen flex walking. Which is weird considering how Gief works and what he did to me in round two.


Weird how he gave up, after that round 2 where he stole it from you lol


So…yea…my wallpaper.


New entry in the Juri punish series. Today’s vid is Vega


I know. He even had more meter and V-trigger than round 2 and he gives up. I don’t get it. That mentality doesn’t seem to mesh with Gief, but I see it from Gief players a lot in Gold. He’s built to take damage, and one good knockdown can snowball quick, but if I don’t give them free hugs they don’t want to play.


Give her a summer costume this year Capcom !!!


First match of Combo Breaker has a Juri player I have never seen before @ 19:18

55:31 hsien chang vs alex valle

2:05:55 Mouz Problem-X (M. Bison) vs hsien (Juri)


Infiltration put on a show with Juri when he played vs Nemo, loved it !


00:32:10 Infiltration vs Oil King

01:49:53 Infiltration vs Nemo

Great to see Infiltration beat Nemo 3-0 after their SF4 EVO match with that BS Rolento. The face of Nemo at the end :rofl:



This makes me wish Capcom put some more effort into the 30th anniversary collection and added Juri in Alpha 3 or something <3 … :frowning:


Is that second kick the first hit of her from 4? Damn I miss that normal


Yes, it is! I missed those normals.


I still sometimes wake up with mk in V if they are close and I think they’ll throw… it was so fun blowing up throw happy people that didn’t know she had a frame 1 throw invuln normal in ultra. Shit I tried to AA with at least 5 times last night too. Hard to break muscle memory when your getting old I guess.


Gonna be funny when Capcom trolls us and makes her cr mp to be a anti air again in SF 6…just as we stop using it , hey its back !


Juri secret changes and more details from last patch:

  • st.HK Low crush Hurtbox (on frame 10) now better than Guile UDK (used to be equal to UDK) by 2-3 squares
  • H.Fuha 100->90 damage (it looks like only heavy rather than all fuhas)
  • V-Reversal pushback on block increased by 3.5 squares
  • VT2 72->60 EX. Meter drain rate decreased (-16.67%)

edit: apparently, this is from the previous patch, so nevermind


I got to fight another Juri during my last ranked grind. Made a lot of mistakes in the first game and got deranked, but I got my revenge and dragged him back to Gold with me :smiling_imp:

I noticed his forward movement was mostly dashes, and that he was shimmy-able(though I can’t space my shimmies to save my life). I also felt like I knew when he wanted to back off and store, and he seemed less aggressive when he didn’t have them.

I’m over 7000LP now and closing in on Platinum. I think I can get there, just need to iron out some more bad habits.


new Robaato fanart


The finer things in life…