The Spider's Lair - Juri



Man… I know world cup costumes are om their way but Capcom better not fuck up and give Juri a sports costume and no summer costume…

I want a beach costume already.


Saw this on Japanese twitter.

The side you land on depends which recovery they use. Back recovery, same side. Normal recovery, cross over. The back recovery looks ambiguous. You can also go for a flip kick for a left/right mixup, but I think that’s been know for a while now. The flip kick can also combo if timed right, but again that has been known for some time.

For this one, which side you land on depends on when you press air throw. Early air throw causes a cross over. Works on both recoveries.


New entry in the Juri punish series. Today’s vid is Akuma.


This player Zumi is very good


chance to send Gentleman Thief to EVO



infiltration vs Idom

infiltration vs yukadon


I haven’t been able to play for a while due to real life. I spent every day of June cramming for 3 certification exams. I leveled up professionally, but not in Street Fighter :confounded:

I put playing on hold right when I was on a hot streak, so I’m still close to ranking up. This was the last set I played, and was feeling fairly confident. I remember trying to work on frame kills for when people don’t quick rise. I always get caught off guard when they don’t tech. I also got hit by every V-trigger, because I’m dumb and don’t pay attention.


What kind of certification?


Basic Information Technology certs
A+, CCNA and MCSE.

I got A+ done last week. Hope to have CCNA by mid July. I majored in Network Administration in college, so it comes pretty easy. I’m just looking to pad the resume.


Anybody knows what color does Juri have in that new lucky charm thingy ?

I wanna see if I should bother trying to get it or not.


No idea. I was trying to get that Cammy costume but I only got those damn supplements.


It’ just RNG :confused:

I actually won the Cammy costume on second try and it actually gave me the costume two times lol…

I just know the bastards gonna add a Juri costume and ill waste all my FM trying to get it


Lucky you for getting it on the second try. I wonder if they are even gonna do something for Juri with these loot boxes.


Juri’s christmas and halloween costume available in discounted costume bundles


Infiltration at CEO

0:00:06 PG Infiltration (Juri) vs Liquid John Takeuchi
1:11:05 UYU Oil King (Rashid) vs PG INFILTRATION (Juri)
5:10:04 PG Infiltration (Menat) vs WBG CJ Truth (Cammy)


There was a Juri player at the Red Bull kumite in Italy who made it to grand finals



Wow he actually won the tournament



I’ve been trying to get back into SFV and was wondering, how viable are these overhead combos, they seem EXTREMELY difficult to time and you have to take into account like 5 different wakeup options(normal, back recovery, jump, backdash, reversal etc)

Referring to this video:

I’ve actually see it being used in matches but i just cannot get the timing.