The Spider's Lair - Juri



Quite cool


I like it. I like leather/biker/heavy metal attire. Hnng.


I like it a lot. Her hair has more volume it seems.I guess the input code makes her hair normal volume or long and removes the jacket.

The best girl.



I tried the overhead combos in training mode. The goal is to space the overhead and fireball so that the fireball leaves you anywhere from +3 to +5 on hit. I found that the problem is the amount of variables that effect the timing of the overhead.

In the video, for example, he had the dummy back roll and crouching. He said that you can’t do the combo on a standing dummy because the fireball wont reach, however that’s not true. The fireball will reach a standing opponent, if you delay the dash/overhead. It’s the overhead, when done too early, that pushes the dummy out of the fireballs range. I found that it’s actually easier to get the +5 fireball on a standing dummy, and you dont need to be at max range But then again, who gets hit with an overhead while standing?

As he says in the video, to get the +5 fireball on crouching, you need to be at max range distance, you have to be frame perfect for the dash and the overhead.

That’s really the problem with the combo. You have backroll, quickrise, no rise, crouching, standing. All of those effect the timing, and it’s really hard to eyeball how plus the fireball is. When I was in training mode, the difference between a +3 fireball and the +5 fireball was hard to see.


That’d be cool. Like two years ago more or less I contacted about three different capcom employees on twitter and email, telling them things I wanted to see, besides buff Juri. I made a list, included using costumes from past capcom games before the crossover costumes started. One of the items was to make heavy metal costumes. I sent them an image of Jaime Pressley from the movie Torque :sunglasses:

If they gave Juri a vest and leather pants :heart_eyes: but I am still waiting for more wristbands and metal spikes :wink:


Yea tbh, her leather jacket in the upcoming costume looks cool.

Dare i say, i would like it to come with a pair of leather pants as well and the input code would remove jacket and pants so she is in swimsuit.

PS : give us option to have long hair / short for all costumes. It can’t be that hard !


Before i posted my comment last time i also specifically tested it on crouching and backroll. I figured out what my problem was, you have to REALLY start max range with your crmk. Last time i tested it i thought i had the right spacing, apparently not. It’s pretty finnicky to recognize when you can go for the overhead or not.

So many “issues” of her would solved AND make her more fun by making these changes:

  • Fireball +1 oB, +4/5 oH
  • qcf+k(store) increased horizontal range or moves forward further when cancelled
  • Fireball not knocking down during VT1.

Oops, here i go again lol, i told myself i would start anew with a positive outlook! No complaining!


played as Juri last night.
USF4 Juri that is, with a few friends.
Gawd i miss her old playstyle.
it was sooo good.
it felt so damn good to play SF4 Juri again.
miss her too much.


what i dont miss tho, is SF4 laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggg



Ye i play USF4 as well but its difficult to find matches.

SF4 Juri was indeed far better, but what can you do. Let’s hope she is in SF6 and that she will improve.


GentlemanThief is at Evo



I would like that mod more if it had the wings

android 21 Juri crossover


Lol $@% Ryu,he wish he had Juri !

Btw , not bad Juri representation so far at EVO, quite a few but not incredible performance.


Juri matches at EVO

1:41:30 PG Infiltration vs TTL Reiketsu, who played Juri at EVO in USFIV

3:48:11 CYG BST Chris T vs HORI Fono

3:54:30 WP Shin vs Pan

6:15:20 Mister Nanaue vs CLE Justakid

6:37:29 WBG CJ Truth vs UGS Gill Hustle

10:26:10 onf tarotimeFL vs Shale

2:04:58 hsien vs P2G Harumy

why Hsien Chang


Guys…i…i bought them…


Wait, is that her outfit when you use the code?


Imo those boots are out of place, also I was hoping for a hairdown with the code Im a bit dissapointed.


Yes, she takes off the jacket when you use the code.


I like it, but i would had prefered the costume to be full jacket + boots + pants and the code would had left her in the swimsuit only.