The Spider's Lair - Juri



The swimsuits look really boring without any accessories though, which I guess is why they kept the boots. Look at Falke’s swimsuit for example. Sure it’s nice to see the abs and all but there’s just too little detail going on.


Tbh Juri was always such a tease.

Funny how a character who shows the least amount of skin is the sexiest.


WTF I had EVO day 2 Juri matches saved, fucking forum.

Yeah, Juri’s new costume and easter eggs are good, I like them. Thinking of buying it!!!

edit: here we go

2:58:10 Fort Clegg Madness (Juri) vs XYZZY (Birdie)

6:07:10 Hsien (Juri) vs fubarduck (Mika)


I intend to buy all of her outfits and the ones in SF 6


I feel like the Jacket and Boots on Juri’s new swimsuit outfit feel kind of wasted a little bit.


It’s a cool costume but I totally get you.It would look good with a pair of leather pants.


Wait, am I seeing right? It’s that part of her crotch?



I like What Hsien is doing regarding low hitconfirming of crmk. When he has LK and HK fuha stored he’ll cancel crmk xx LK Fuha.

If it hits he’ll do crmk xx lk fuha xx hk fuha. If it’s blocked no harm done, no meter wasted for EX Fuha, no LP pinwheel that leave syou -8 on crouchers.


Well Juri rides a bike / trike so it makes sense :smiley:


I like those renders on the CFN page.



What? Cool. Are there more renders of her in her other costumes?


There’s a render for every costume for every character because they use them in the shop. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone out there has collected them all but if you just want to have a specific one you basically just need to set it as your favourite in the game and then check your CFN profile and extract the picture from there.

The best one is the render for her default because hilariously it’s the uncensored version.


Which section? I can’t find those renders


It’s part of the players profile. It’s the page that shows their stats. You can pull the artwork from there if your browser gives you the option “Inspect Element” when you right click on the page. With a little digging, you can pull a bunch of stuff from there. You can even find the different fonts used.

The artwork that shows depends on the character and costume that is currently set as your favorite in game.

Here’s mine:

Here’s the link to the Swimsuit render:

The CFN Icon:


Here’s the rest:


Cool, thanks!!


Any tips for inputting CR LK > CR LP > L DP?

Thanks in advance.


If you’re having problems canceling into a DP while crouching, try wiggling the stick from df to db to df. This works because the game counts two df inputs as a DP motion.


I’ll give it a shot, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Edit: Just tried that, now wishing I’d figured this out earlier haha!

Extremely helpful, much appreciated :smiley:


I noticed that I lose the first game in a set a lot. Especially against shotos. It takes me too long to figure out how crazy they are going to be. Also, i messed up so many buffered pokes, I left so much damage on the table.

With the Ryu, I was trying to use to CC his fireballs, but he started to wait and walk forward so he could punish with I noticed this hesitation, and used it to walk in and make him afraid of throw. I had to change my meaty timings for quick rise, because I noticed I was getting hit by quick rise wake up jab.

The Ken player though… it was like 4 bronze Kens fused into one platinum. I wasn’t doing enough in the neutral to keep his craziness from starting.