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Couple of questions: Is it a bad thing to prioritize stores over pressure? I noticed that that the top Juri players prioritize pressure after knockdown, whereas I like to have all my stores ready at all times.

Also, how do I embed videos. In case I wanted to upload one for advice? I already have a few on youtube, but I don’t know how to embed them in my posts.

Thanks again


Because you can still get your stores through pressure. In some match ups it’s safer that way. Cammy for example can walk Juri down and react to stores with st.hp or canon drill, so it’s better to get your stores through block strings and combos.

Most Juri’s will prioritize LK Store over the others because it can help her get in, force the opponent to move, or to make a blockstring safe. While the other stores are more of a damage boost or a Vtrigger cancel.

Youtube videos auto embed. Just copy and paste the link into your post.


That does make sense, I need to work on that haha!

Thanks for the help :smiley:


Juri players at TW FIGHTERS

CYG BST Daigo (Guile) vs Hsien Chang (Juri)

0:35:34 Jimmy (Juri) vs GGGan (Kolin)

2:40:43 Hsien Chang (Juri) vs Earth0122 (Menat)


We starting to see Juri played a bit more in the tournament scene it seems.

I learned not to expect much …but i am still hopeful for S4 patch notes for the best girl.


My first double perfect(sorta) :grin:


Yo that Akuma got pretty triggered by the end.Good matches,well done. I like how you use EX ryo to escape his air fireball mixups.



Yo don’t remind me !

That’s actually my favorite costume of hers and still it’s not in SF5 >.<



There was a Juri player at the Chin CPT event. Damaicha, not bad.






I made it to Platinum. Also finally hit level 50 with Juri, so I can finally get all her colors lol. It took so long because I was at lvl 40ish on PSN then switched to PC.


I didn’t know there was a color for level 50. Original costume only? Is it worth it?


Color 15 is the level 50 color. Each character has one for their default costume. I’m not a fan of Juri’s lvl 50 color, but it’s subjective.

You also get a title at level 50 and 99. Juri’s level 50 is “Unbridled Hedonist” . The level 99 title is “Juri Master”.


Hmm yeah, not a fan of that color either. And for the original and story costumes there are EX colors you can only get through fighting change. Some of those are not bad.


I got the silver EX colour from one of my free readings. It’s pretty cool, but not worth the risk of spending thousands of FM on Fighting Chance.


1:05:58 SZY Zumi (Juri) vs O.R.C. (O.R.C.)

5:44:21 YHC Mochi (Dhalsim) vs Yossan (Juri)

Zumi won his first match, there should be another match against another player. Yossan got steamrolled.