The Spider's Lair - Juri



Couple of questions: Is it a bad thing to prioritize stores over pressure? I noticed that that the top Juri players prioritize pressure after knockdown, whereas I like to have all my stores ready at all times.

Also, how do I embed videos. In case I wanted to upload one for advice? I already have a few on youtube, but I don’t know how to embed them in my posts.

Thanks again


Because you can still get your stores through pressure. In some match ups it’s safer that way. Cammy for example can walk Juri down and react to stores with st.hp or canon drill, so it’s better to get your stores through block strings and combos.

Most Juri’s will prioritize LK Store over the others because it can help her get in, force the opponent to move, or to make a blockstring safe. While the other stores are more of a damage boost or a Vtrigger cancel.

Youtube videos auto embed. Just copy and paste the link into your post.


That does make sense, I need to work on that haha!

Thanks for the help :smiley: