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Some Zumi matches



Very situational but very cool as well.


Some Aiai, and Gentleman Thief.


I hate fighting Guile :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Feels like I always have to be the one to take a risk. So many times where I feel the game comes down to guessing right on a jump, or walking in when I feel he’s looking to flash kick. Then needing to sniff out reversals when I do get a knockdown, and man, I’m soooo bad at that. It feels like I have to do so much just to deal with Sonic Booms, and I cant react block EX booms to save my life .

What’s weird is when I play lame versus Guile, a lot of the times I wont get a rematch. It’s like I’m an asshole for trying to neutral jump booms lol.


It’s been a while since I played Juri but shouldn’t V-Skill shut down his zoning completely?

Edit: After watching the replay, yes, you definitely need to use V-Skill more.


If the Guile player knows what he is doing you wont get to charge vskill that much.

He will walk you down with slow boom non stop.

That’s why i think Juri should be able to cancel her V-skill charging by double tapping down and remain on the spot or double tap up and perform a neutral jumpm,would help her loads.



The window to punish his booms with vskill is really small compared to shotos. Sonic Booms have the best projectile start up and recovery in the game. All it takes is Guile whiffing a couple jabs to mess with your timing. You risk being -18 if you’re off by a little.

Then you have to charge it in the first place. It can be hard to find a place to charge vskill. You almost always have to give up space to get it. While he can fill that space with booms , normals, or just walking you down. If he has EX booms you risk being pushed back for free.

All that, just to deal with booms. I seem to fair better vs Guile when I neutral jump far booms and risk picking out a jump on close ones, to put the thought of flash kick in his head. I save vskill for comboing into a side switch or to punish his vskill.


For anyone interested in mods.



Apparent;y there’s this new grandmaster Juri players called justakid

Rabbito vs smug

Yossan vs Saki. Yossan does very well in the Menat match



zumi @ 01:15:29

Zumy had another match, but it’s not shown. This seems to happen a lot with Juri players.


Capcom proves once again they either have no clue what to do with Juri or refuse to fix her issues,many as they are. The patch notes are nothing short of dissappointing.And it’s mind blowing how much the character is ignored. If these are the final patch notes,then it’s one of the biggest let downs for Juri players.


• Normal/Back Recovery

  • Adjusted the recovery motion.

• Standing HK

  • V-Gauge meter gain from a Crush Counter reduced from 150 to 120.

• Crouching HK

  • V-Gauge meter gain from a Crush Counter increased from 100 to 120.

• Enkushu (Normal/V-Trigger I)

  • Effects on grounded hit changed from knockdown to grounded hit stun.

• H Tensenrin

  • Hit and projectile invincibility window changed from 3F - 7F, to 3F - 8F.

• EX Tensenrin

  • Increased the damage taken for an attack that hits during the move’s duration by 1.2x.

• Fen Shui Engine alpha (V-Trigger I)

  • Can now be hit by an attack during the screen freeze upon V-Trigger activation.

• Feng Shui Engine beta (V-Trigger II)

  • Each version of Fuharenkyaku can be canceled into from Ryodansatsu.
  • Changed so that it can hit airborne opponents on activation.


Let’s hope she fares better now with other characters being somewhat nerfed. Hope someone does a video showing the cases. Maybe @justicesoultuna can do it.


These are just universal changes with three being Juri specific.

VT2 has slightly more utility.

Air TC on grounded opponent change is, something.

H DP is better for getting out of pressure I guess?

Same character, same weaknesses. It doesn’t even look like they put any time into these changes, I think that’s what pisses me off the most.


These changes are…weird. Dunno if it’s worth a whole video, but I’ll at least check it out. Haven’t played in forever


Yea, I suspected this might happen, still sad though, there’s basically nothing new to play around with.


Your work is too high quality to waste on these patch notes.


The H Tensenrin change is so puzzling to me.
Like SFV dev actually sat down and thought,

hmmm, you know juri could really use 1 extra frame of invulnerability here