The Spider's Lair - Juri



I mean, who anti airs with H DP though ?

It’s either M or EX.


What worries me is that all the under performing characters seemed be have received extensive changes, Ed, Falke, Cody, Ryu, Gief, Fang, Zeku, Sakura, Sagat, whilst Juri recieved almost no changes at all.

The previous top tiers received pretty modest nerfs (although Cammy might be dead), so I don’t think our match ups are going to get much easier when fighting Guile or Akuma for example.

I really think Juri is going to be left further behind this time. That is unless all the changes to the low tiers don’t amount to much.


Definitely underwhelming changes.
HP DP feels like it Anti Airs better. I think it leaves her slightly closer for better oki than with MP DP. Didn’t test that though.

Playing around in training mode:
She can combo into super with 2 bars again, which is nice.
You can make her fireball plus 10 and up with the new VT2 cancels.
Although, if you do TC xx LK release > VT2: You don’t have anymore juggle points, even with EX moves, which is stupid.



Some people think the patch feels incomplete and expects another patch down the line.
I kinda feel the same, but for so long I’ve been expecting significant changes for Juri and every single patch I’ve been disappointed, so I have a hard time believing it.


I mean, after 3 years of feedback they are keeping her below average.

I guess it’s safe to say they do not want her to be better. We either accept it or move a long.

Quite a shame, because she is a very cool character.


Yeah, I really like the idea of choosing your combo routes depending on your meter + charge stores and also on what setup you want. There is so much potential in her character design, but Capcom is too scared to give her any meaningful change.

All I really want is a significantly better charge storing move that doesn’t whiff after 2 mediums.


Hey fam I need some help. So I keep playing against my training partner. He also figured out you can punish EVERYTHING Juri does. All of her Fuharenkyaku are unsafe, do a heavy, he blocks, then he punishes me. Chain medium after the heavy, and he jabs me out of it during its animation. I go to punish his moves, and I get punished instead (Punishing a heavy with a light is too much to ask for apparently). I’m also having trouble getting meaties on him on wake ups (Again, I get hit out of animations instead). Am I pressing buttons to slow/fast? Is it lag? Do I need a new game for wake ups? Any advice you can give me for what to do after I block? He plays Ryu by the way.


What rank are you playing at the moment ?

Juri’s fuhas are not to be used randomly hoping you get a hit.But before you can react to hit confirming always have a light fuha stored so you make your others safe ( though keep in mind after a light fuha you will be minus 2,so that means your turn ends ) .

Basically your most important tools in this matchup are light fuha and charge v-skill, both of these tools shut down a lot of Ryu’s options and help you control how the match plays,hopfully in your favor.

Her stores are core of her gameplay but learn to fight without them as well,lights into light pinwheel needs to become a regular thing in your gameplan.Meaties come with time,just put that training dummy to work and practice a lot.

Quick tips :

  • Have v-skill charged so you shut down his fireball game

  • Have light fuha stored as often as possible. To control space,make your other fuhas safe by canceling into your light fuha and to stop Ryu pressing random shit in the neutral.Use it a shield.

  • Abuse standing medium kick,as it’s one of her best pokes.

  • Best to anti air with medium dp, but if that’s an issue for now, focus on her st hp and cr hp for close jump ins.

  • If he is dash happy, react by stuffing his dash with your crouching lights into special cancel.


First Cammy I fought in Season 4 didn’t seem too enthused. I would have been a dick, and sat on the life lead, but it was casuals, and I wanted to see what’s different with Cammy.




I don’t even wanna +1 that @AriesWarlock

But out of respect for your quality posts through the years, i shall.


Even though she didn’t get anything amazing so far, I think she came out alright. We escaped the traditional random nonsense Juri nerf. Most of her bad match ups got nerfed in some way, except Bison.

Bison and Alex worry me. Maybe Sakura too.


Thanks for the feedback. I don’t use her fuha much or randomly. It just fustrates me getting hit out of them, but you’re right I need to switch to her fireball one instead of her medium. My light pinwheel is a regular thing, it serves me well and let’s me keep pressure. The problem is I have nothing to push back with when blocking.

“Have v-skill charged so you shut down his fireball game”
His fireball game was never actually an issue for me, I’m getting better at stopping them with by storing, and I’m good at getting around them. Only Guile’s sonic booms give me headaches (That’s another issue)

“Abuse standing medium kick,as it’s one of her best pokes.”
He’s very good at staying out of that range. But I need to use it to push him back while he blocks to prevent him from counter attacking.

“Best to anti air with medium dp, but if that’s an issue for now, focus on her st hp and cr hp for close jump in”
I would normally medium DP, I just brain fart when he jumps in “Oh look he jumps in, I can punish that, oh wait he already landed and I need to block” =D. I need to stand hp for anti air’s better though. Crouching works?

My biggest issue is finding moves on wakeup, since he normally beats my wakeups, I also need something to do after blocking to punish (Everything I do after a block is punished).

I was playing against his girlfriend’s Chun Li and I wasn’t having any issue punishing. With his Ryu? He just beats out everything I have. I don’t know if it’s his reactions, or Ryu just has very little recovery on his normally (Which I think is the case). I also can’t dash against him cause Juri’s dashes are too long and he hadouken’s me out of them.

I’ll get some videos up next time we play, so I can get some critique.


Justakid season 4


If anybody got an EH, post and let Velociraptor know that Juri is not “fine” as she is. We can’t have that kind of slander going around the media reaching Capcom.


I mean, we are talking about a guy that put Juri in the same boat as Necalli when it comes to power.

A lot of biased / clueless people on EH.


She has strengths and weaknesses like any character should have. She’s like Chun in that there’s nothing really wrong with the character, she just gets outclassed by a bunch of top tiers and doesn’t really fit this game’s design philosophy.

The only weird thing is that she still doesn’t start rounds with pre-stored moves. That always seemed like a reasonable buff considering how big an impact it would have on early momentum-building and that they did the same with Hakan in SFIV (letting him start oiled).


It’s OK. @LockM told him what’s what! :sunglasses:

Let’s hope we get something worthwhile this time :no_mouth:


Sry man but after 3 years of feedback we got told that “Basically she can be played like before”.AKA no fucks given by Capcom regarding this character.

Sorry for being just a tad skeptical.