The Spider's Lair - Juri

Is that Haitani, the Makoto player?

Aiai and Coffee using VT2 now

Some cool shots.

and a nice pic

credits to JinxSG @deviantart


I think Juri should be able to get a longer range normal after c MK, activate v trigger 1. As it is, c MP is all she can combo with any range.

She already has st.hp, but I miss her old far from USF4.

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imma making a Juri drawing


Good to see you on Juri duty. Btw, nice collection of images on your twitter timeline. I am going through it.

Finally got to finish that Juri art :smiley:


It is worth noting that Iggy over at MadMans Cafe has posted summaries of some of the text in How to Make Capcom Fighting Characters. Some of it is pretty interesting, if not amazingly useful.

Decapre and Juri were going to be in the original release of SFV, rather than Cammy and Zangief? Capcom decided to swap Cammy for Decapre due to the fallout from USF4, which in turn caused them to swap Zangief for Juri, since they wanted a Russian character in the game (and Decapre was originally said Russian.)

Juri’s moveset was altered so much because they’d planned to make her one of the original roster, and those characters were designed under the strictest restrictions.

They made Laura because they wanted a Brazilian representative that wasn’t Blanka, but also wanted to avoid using Sean because he was so similar to Ryu and Ken. Erhm… Laura had to cut out the seat of her pants because her butt got bigger when she exercised? (As the art scans show, Laura’s outfit by release received the same black body suit “edit” job that Juri’s outfit received.)

At one point, they’d considered making young Zeku be Sodom? Nash was going to have elastic limbs like Necro and Twelve? To make Ken even less like Ryu, they considered making him Evil/Brainwashed Ken?

There is a section titled “Why Honda doesn’t show up”? Answer: They decided there were already too many Japanese characters. Apparently the Abel, C.Viper, and Oro appearances in story mode were not meant to be teases for future characters, but rather thrown in just because there were so few SF3 and SF4 characters planned?


Her moveset was alterted because she was designed under strictest restrictions ?

Well,then you would think she wouldn’t be changed at all.

This explains so much.

What restrictions ?

Because it can mean a few things and they failed on both departments.

Restrictions, as in very few changes because her old design was unique and she was still new so no need to alter much. Clearly they failed on that and she changed a lot.

Restrictions as in, make the character simple to use because she would had been part of the original cast and the original cast is usually composed of easy to play character.Again, a fail on that department since she is arguably one of the hardest characters to use effective in the game.

So,why she changed again ?

PS : It is what it is though, we should start thinking about how she will be in SF6 since SF5 is pretty far in it’s lifecycle.

Anybody got a link to their Japan Evo matches? I didn’t see them play.

Japanese seem to really like Justakid

1:50 cool setup, throw a fireball, dash forward, vskill.

Justakid matches 1:16:00 1:26:100


Been a lil dry here on Juri forums.

You guys moved on ?

Still here. Guess there hasn’t been much Juri videos especially appearing tournaments.

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Still posting those quality pics though Aries.


SFL week 2. Some good Juri action

17:04 Shine

1:49:00 Justakid

2:02:42 Justakid

2:09:37 Justakid


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