The Splash Battle Results


1st place ::TMT::
2nd place Kamesama
3rd place xXRenegadeXx

Full results can be found here:
(refresh the page if the results don’t come up right away.)

Thanks to all that entered! Good job everyone. Use this thread to discuss your own personal opinions on all the pieces, and all that.


I really don’t agree with the voting, but oh well. Great job everyone, congrats to the winners.



yo rei i need you or one of the boys to close my thred so i can start a new one.Thanks:cool:


That was fun :]

thanks for the battle. And Gj to the winners.


great battle everyone :cool:

that was the closest battle i’ve seen in a long time, and i can’t wait to participate in the next one :smiley:

again great job everyone


hehe nice, gj to the winners and well… everyone who took part
next battle… iam not holding back :evil:


then it shall be on like donkey kong

gj everyone…heh mine sucked but it was fun…


Good Stuff yall:)


very nice guys,props to all the taggers in here…




good job


congratulations on the winners :slight_smile:


Same here.

Ah well, good job, everyone.


Cool battle everyone, props to everyone who entered.


great job everybody. nice war.


but wars are suppose to be bad… not nice:(


haha, i meant “nice” as in it was cool in what it was.
but hell, this war was nice, by your definition too. i mean, i was expecting people to be bitching at each other and stuff.

so yeah…
i guess both meanings apply.


im half and half with the voting…somethings i just can’t agree with but thats me. It was fun anyways.


what’s with everyone saying they don’t agree with the voting, yet not stating why?

more reason why opinions differ.

just state why you didn’t agree with the votes. it’s not like our feelings are gonna be hurt and stuff.



anyways got any problems then blame the judge…:mad: … lol just kidding:lol:


i didn’t want to sound like a sore loser or somethin, cause i really dont care about winning, it was just for fun, thats why i tried not to complain too much. But if u insist… i just dont think TMT’s should have been 1’st place, but maybe third…or something. Its really good, no doubt, but compared to some other’s like Kamesama’s, its just seems too plain to be gettin 1st over theirs. thats of course imo.