The SRK "A-Cho" Thread
Thought I’d make a thread about the Japan-based fighting game site “A-cho”. The playing style in a majority of their videos are always on edge.

Though the site is unreadable by alot of us, it isn’t too hard to learn to navigate to match videos.

Here’s how to navigate to the match videos section, but react quickly because in the name of bandwidth conservation, they only have their videos up from a couple to few days and they take them down for new ones. or sometimes there may be no videos at all temporarily.

  1. As soon as you open a-cho, scroll down and on the left hand side of the screen, click the banner with the teddy bear in it that says “Match Rules and Results”.

  2. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and click the extreme bottom teddy bear banner that says “download match movies”.

  3. How to tell what game it is, when you highlight a match movie with the cursor, look at the bottom of the browser and the abbreviation of the game’s title should be there.

There’s people that don’t know about this site?

There’s bound to be a few people that don’t know about this site, or even how to get to the videos. so it’s for them.

Don’t fook with them Teddies my dan, they’ll RAS you up. trust.

I’d like this thread to turn into a definite list of all the good fighting game websites, combovid sites etc.

etc. ,

whats in your favourites list?


I didn’t intend for it to be a free-for-all. Some sites are worthy of having their own thread. I think a-cho should be one of them, helps non-Japanese speak/readers that got frustrated before and missing out on some tight stuff trying to look for the videos.

'sides has its own thread.

is A-cho just a website, or an arcade or league or something? (i’ve been meaning to ask this for a long time)

a-cho is a game center located in Kyoto.

Obot64 has its own thread because Obot makes them.

yep a nice one too, not cramped/slightly dingy like monte carlo. a little far out though. monte has better comp as well.
this site posts updates off a-cho, no need for this thread ;]

yeah, a-cho kicks ass, deserves its own thread.

The newest PC vs N video is pretty funny.

Not for 3rd Strike.

anybody know any news about 2nd acho cup dvd or will it never come out?

I can’t agree more. It is pretty funny.

I love hearing that announcer mothafucka in the GGXX#r matches going “BE BE BE BEBE” BE" when PC does a dust loop. He can’t say even say “TEIYA! TEIYA! TEIYA!” :rofl:

Here’s another lame dust loop imitation from late last year. I almost shit out my intestines laughing at this.

EDIT: In case anyone’s wondering here’s a picture of the announcer for A-Cho #R, Melty Blood AC, and Last Blade 2 matches
Guy with the mic of course.

I plan on moving to a-cho, and sleeping between their #R cabinets. ;_;

Post + Sig = <3

You’ll get there someday. ;_;

Those Chun matches sucked. I thought these videos were supposed to have l33t players (?)

Aquacar that shit, Kugz.

I’m also a little suspicous of A-Cho’s ST quality. O.Cammy two weeks ago, and now soso Balrogs? I’m only really enjoying their #R.

acho has really good a3…and #r dont go looking for super dupper 3s or godly st…

SHINYA :pleased: