The SRK Art Thread! Chokin' On Lead Paint Chips!


It’s a travesty that SRK doesn’t have it’s own art thread. This thread is dedicated to all things art whether it is your own design/work, works of others, animation/graphic design, etc. You can critique work by others members or other artists too.

For myself, I really began to get into The Brothers Quay after meeting with them. After meeting with them, I offered the opportunity for an exhibition @ my own gallery, but the price of everything was just something I couldn’t afford. It still remains a future prospect, and I would love to have them.

The Brothers Quay are twin stop motion artists who are known for their intricate set design and character models, and dark work and extremely complex stop-motion animations. Some of their works include Streets of Crocodiles, Stille Nacht and Stille Nacht II: Are We still Married?, The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer (Streets of Crocodiles)

I had the pleasure of working alongside Angel Otero for awhile. His Art is great, and his personality is great. He also seems to have an odd obsession with Tacos. I ended up working with him for about 3.5 months, and in that span of time he created a piece for me that he titled Plastic Beach since he knew of my obsession with the Gorillaz.

Angel’s basically an expression abstract artist. He really likes to include his personal life and heritage in his works. Some of his works include Roller and Bingo


I should take a picture of it one of these days.



We have 2 sections where users can display their art…


Oh, I wasn’t aware of either of those sub-sections.

However, both seem directed toward fan and amateur art; so I guess this one can be directed toward more professional artists. I apologize for my ignorance on the matter.


That’s fine…yet this thread still belongs to one of those two sections.


heres my colorist stuff thats currently in my portfolio. hoping to go to boston comic con in aug and get some work


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I see, I would move it if I knew how in this vers. of SRK forums… I don’t see any harm nor foul coming from the thread being here though.


Nice coloring style, it seems you prefer dark colours over vibrant ones. IMO, it works fine; but try to incorporate different shades to show off different things. The shading and coloring style works well on the batman comic, because of the nature of batman comics. The batman one is your best from what I’ve seen.

With the wolverine one, try to use different shades so that the colors mesh a bit better. Without the different shades, it blends in with the wall and creates a somewhat “boring” image (though the image wasn’t actually boring).

Good stuff, I really want to go to the NYC comic con; hopefully I can find the time off to go.


i pretty vibrant ones, but one of the pieces i got most complimented on was this picture:


i was actually trying to emulate it again, it was one of my earliest colored pieces and couldnt remember how i did it. Hence that wolvering jumping out at you is dark…but depending on the image it gives off a sense of dark or light. as well as i sometimes find comic pages and try to use the original colored ones as references when i try to color. Not in terms of coloring style, but just the colors used and placement of some lighting to learn how they did it.

Like the batman pictures most take place at night in the dark…so obviously i will use a darker pallette with those. But i also used a reference just for the colors, but they are exact copes in the least bit.


not hating though :rofl: