The SRK Beaver Thread: Sovi3t Birthday Edition

Happy bday @SoVi3t. Go get more drunk on maple syrup than usual on your big day :tup:

I gotta remember to take pictures today, for the Buffet Strategy thread.


Happy Birthday Buddy! Hope you get kicked out of every sketchy strip joint in Hamilton! :smiley:

Happy Birthday you sexy mofo. May your lays be chubby and your drinking be long and blinding.

Happy Birthday Canadian Whale Chaser!

Here, have some cake.

Why sovi3t likes fat girls.

sovi3t at a concert.

I wonder how hungover he is.

Happy Birthday thanks for Drake.

Happy Birthday, Sovi3t. Try not to beat up any kids this year!

Happy Birthday SoV! May the cheap liquor flow freely and the fat n’ EZs be continuously rolling in for many more years to come.

Here, here! swigs 40 To SoVi3t.


lol damn, it was 4 days ago.

Happy birthday @Neesa!!!

Happy birthday, Soviet.

Happy belated birthday, breh

15 more pages to go guys!!!

front page 4 life

Damn you would be from Hamilton.

Happy belated Neesa Day Sov.

Happy belated birthday. not sure how I missed it the first time.

Feliz cumpleaños! Give me your address so I can send you a white guilt flavored cake for your birthday!

Just send it to Neesa’s, and have her throw it into the bushes outside her place.