The SRK Bittorrent Thread

Shoryuken Bittorrent Hosting Site Beta

At Shoryuken, instead of trying to directly host files from now on, we are going to throw them in the Bittorrent hosting page and let the people of SRK host their own stuff.

Right now we are seeding the KYSG’s Akuma 3rd Strike movie on there, and as long as there are seeders, this program should work out fine.

Please don’t just grab the file and run, as we need dedicated people to help out.

To find out more about bit torrent or hosting, click on the multimedia tab in the menu or go HERE.

If you want to host some files or cool matches that are street fighter worthy, PM MrWizard.

This sounds awesome. Where can I find a good torrent program?

This is the best idea i’ve seen all year. Thanks!

mrW , you need hella support …

Nice. For all the folks that prefer torrents over direct downloads this will hopefully be a great supplement for fighting game video downloads. I see it more as cooperation vs. competition :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will be yet another idea to help keep the fighting game community alive.

-BlazeD - The best imo. - Might be more easily accessible for people new to bittorrent, nice and graphic gui.

Here’s the best bittorent program:

eh i think azureus is the most complete bt client out there. everything is so customizable and looks good. its torrent management is definitely top of the line too. it lets you mess with every nook and cranny on a torrent. plus future support for plugins and such. no bt client has anything on it.

bitcomet is also good which caliagent mentioned. i prefer azureus. but either are fantastic

Yeah i used to use azureus, but they had problems with it unnecessarily using too much of your systems resources. They then supposedly fixed it, but the problems were still there. I’d say that if you have a decent amount of ram then azureus is a good choice for a BT prog as well

azureus use to randomly close on me. i switched to bittornado.

I happen to hate it quite frankly. I would rather just directly download them.

Well wouldn’t we all, but guess what? You try to do just that for the people and you get $hit like this.

It can be a viable option if people want it to be. Or people can just bitch as usual. At this rate, maybe it doesn’t matter. Geezus.

Personally I dont have a problem with it. Its not like there asking for alot.

co-signed. i used to use azureus for a while, but switched to this. still has many options and such, and doesn’t use as much resources as azureus.

srk bitorrent hosting :tup: :clap:.

I don’t have a problem with it either, and I’m not saying you do. I’m just saying that people try to host vids, and all they get usually is people raping bandwidth, bitching endlessly and swearing they’re trying to get rich off of them should they ask for a thin dime.

So an alternative is proposed where the people can help each other help themselves (no disrespect to GFB, but everybody doesn’t do DC for various reasons), and lo & behold it’s “I don’t like”.

Don’t like? Don’t use. Or better yet host them yourself, at least some of us would be grateful.

Haha, I also just swtiched from Azureus to BitComet a few days ago. BitComet does everything Azureus did without all of the overhead the Java Virtual Machine brings with it.

I use BitComet and I have no problems… although it’s the only torrent program I’ve ever tried so I can’t compare it to anything else. :xeye:

I would go with by far. My usual download speed jumped from 5kbps to 80-90 kbps when I switched to bittornado. I wish I wouldve known about that before I spent 2 month’s download every DBZ episode :(.

torrents will alwayz b hard 2 manage…
u got too many guyz leeching and sapping off the torrent…

while u get other guyz seeding too much…

therez the hard line… :sad: :sad:
perhaps controlling the seed percentile… :tdown:

wait… how can you seed TOO much?