The SRK Controller Usage Project


Hello SRK!

I was looking for a place where I could find people who track controller usage, and this may be it! For I am now adding the most commonly used controllers, and matching top players with the controllers they use. One can find at the player page then a link to the controller with more information, as well as statistics on what controller are used overall. This can then be trended over time.

Do you guys have ideas on who is using what? Any poplar name with type of controller would be great, I will then track it down, add it and link it to that player.
Then of course share the statistics with you guys afterwards.

Please add to this thread if you know of any. Thank you, a lot!


SF5 controller usage project

When it comes to arcade sticks, parts (lever and buttons) are more important than the brand of the complete stick, i.e. if I have a Madcatz controller with a Sanwa JLF and Sanwa OBSF 30 buttons and a plywood box with the same parts and same layout/lever mounting height, the case difference is irrelevant. Besides that, trying to compile such a list would lead to people blaming their performance on x or y model/brand of controller, which is not something I would want to encourage.

If popularity is what you want to know about, the Sanwa parts I mentioned are the most popular. Many of us like Seimitsu parts, Hori parts, Crown parts, or even IL parts. It’s best to experiment and see what you like best.


Stick manufacturer sponsored players have to keep sticks appearing as stock as possible so I’m thinking that 9 times out of 10 they use what the stock stick comes with. That said, there really aren’t too many players actually sponsored by stick manufacturers so… Either way you would have to actually ask players in order to find out what they play. It won’t be as simple as just seeing what they carry on stream or in passing at a tourney. The Honestly, this seems kinda pointless to me and will probably just drive noobs to one stick manufacturer for no good reason. Here’s a spoiler, they’re probably using Hori sticks if they aren’t sponsored by Mad Catz or Razer. Why? They’re a bit cheaper and the FGC is broke.


I’m shocked we don’t see more poverty sticks in use.


I forgot when Daigo Umehara said this and the quotes been paraphrased, that he does not care what stick he uses.
His only preference is Full Sanwa parts but I am sure he would use what ever his sponsors supply him with.
Daigo almost always plays on a stock joystick.

Oh yeah most real pros, not those more-flash-than-substance scrubs so-called-pros play on mostly stock arcade sticks.
Square Gates and everything, most mods they would ever consider into are maybe dual-mods and maybe the occasional repair.
Look at the real pros when playing on their own sticks often use sticks that been out since 2009 or older.
It not that older sticks are made better or worst than new sticks, they just used whats work, no flash or glam.
A few might use a custom built stick, but even then the designs they use are simple, and there nothing too exotic.

It was the same thing with sneakers and Basketball Players, Nike didn’t make Michael Jordan great, Jordan’s name on the Nike shoes make the brand great.
Athlete would play the same with a $45 dollar shoes or $300 shoes (assuming they are made with athletics in mind).