The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp

You asshole…

Stay outta my PMs :rage: lol

Class 5 breach in RockB’s gif vault.

He had shit security… Rick Ross’ fat ass was out there sleeping on the job. Should’ve hired Neesa…

Hes on my ignore list. So I could care less what he post.


Don’t post hentai you noobington.

Get in the festive spirit with a Xmas themed av - Santa hats for everyone

@“Rick Ross” you look cold with that bald head

That’s a silly way to spell shadow ace.

That line is a classic

I’ll get in the festive spirit when this broke ass forum can work for more than a day without fucking up and we get full mobile functionality back.

Why don’t you put a Santa Hat on the coffee smiley?
Oh, that’s right, YOU CAN’T BECAUSE ITS GONE.

I wanna read that retarded hentai now.

Also, gin is the most disgusting shit in the world. Tastes like cologne.

Anybody with Killer Instinct play the new guy released today?

This is the sober reality of going to a concert.

Fuck concerts and fuck Jay-Z.

Bah humbug, it’s not even December yet, too early for being festive.

You bastards post too much. This is why Damned doesn’t post often. His code of honor condemns him to read through all those pages. But not me. Bunch of mad dogs in here.

I think Hax wants me to jump on my 2002 account and start cussing people out for 20 pages. Which is not going to happen. I think that account was banned anyway.

[Minakami Sakura] Himitsu no Kankei | Our Secret Relationship

If we dont want read the shit you post now, why would you remiscinice about all of your other accounts we would’ve ignored?

I’ve told you before this is the only account I have, so keep crying.


To follow up on my scoppy doo post from earlier:

Ho ho ho lounge.
A festive time it is indeed.