The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp

Mute Button vs Skisanic is a 9 - 1 matchup.

@neesa pokemon is shit. Get at me Top Flight Secuuuurity.

people say that hecatombz is Alanedrick… and you guys know Alanedrick right :grimacing:

You ain’t shit, @angelpalm

Grown ass niggas running around talking about they gotta catch em all.

What are y’all?

@Raz0rs mouth during a bukkake session?

Get in the festive spirit with a santa hat and perhaps a bauble or two for each hand Santa hats for everyone

@Raz0r your av is looking so fetch now

Stop off in the hyperbolic time chamber, and live there. Bolt the door. Hell no, Bulma!

instant transmission— of goods, services, skype but better tho
no restriction internet fios, but better tho

Only downside, B-Tier bison is there too. And he hasn’t got “kamehameha” pronounciation down yet so it distracts the crap out of you no matter where you are in there from the echo.

Tell him he was a king, kinda based out of hawaii, maybe a volcano god I don’t remember and just go look it up dude!

You ever open the door and find out what really happened to the world out there, that’s it. Don’t open the door!

what colour is your anus

What color is YOUR anus? Hmm?

I bleach my anus.

@Neesa make this guy police friendly by weabing him up

(I don’t need a hat avy, my Xmas Bootsy stays blinging before all ‘you people’ )

Arcade Jigga Goku > that gay name you was talking to on that moba doba. >_>

Welp. Time to close the thread and burn it.

reload page after uploadin big moe~

bison, now you out the chamber too

I’m going to stay in the chamber until I am Super Saiyan God: Level II.

I want in on that!!! Enchurito…NACHO, BURRITO!!


Ash and Bison together…Well fuck…

Road rage in S.Korea

Oh, man. I noticed that Koreans can have raging tempers.

Now my temper can get Hulk like if I really lose it.

You won, @RockBogart

Heh, explains why Hworang and Baek activate their rage status after one hit.