The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp

What a hound. Buy him dinner first, sheesh.

FF14 is cross-platform compatible, right? I don’t want the PS Trés version turning my Super Slim into a George Foreman Grill. Might pick up the PC version if this is true.

But I’m still waiting until FFXI eliminates a subscription for those who the buy game, or - in the worst case scenario - adopt a Free to Play model with micro transactions. Either way though, I wanna get back on my old account.

Yea, PS3, PS4, and PC users can play together. All that matters is what server you’re on.

100% confirmed Spider Man browses SRK

@Neesa‌ can I get my avatar hooked up too?

Why don’t you guys go to Image Mishmash and ask the guy there who started a thread to put santa hats in avatars to do it for you? You know, instead of filling up this thread with shit posts begging Neesa for something and not appreciating the Boss Man.

Ah, that’s what I thought. What server do SRK ziggans normally play on?

What was your first clue? Not only does he browse SRK, he is a dedicated disciple of Kromo.


Thank you Senpai :blush:

You should go to Diabolos. That’s where Beta, Joshkaz, Epidemic, and Martian are and where all of the Lounge is going if/when they pick the game up. I have a character over there as well.

This fucking butter injected turkey, my god.

Can we manage a single page without eating ass?

R. Kelly need to shut ALL the way the fuck up. Dude statutory raping and pissin on bitches for years, but wanna point fingers


downloaded 5 games from xbl for 20 bucks. lol. i’ll get around to playing them in about 3 years

Happy Thanksgiving you bums. I’m just thankful that I’m 170 lbs now after being like 190 months ago.

Jesse Jackson has beautiful hair.
He looks like Tom Cruise and a bullfrog had a baby in that picture.

I don’t seem to get tired of this piece peace. ^__^y~~~

this website is glitch as fuck. Fuck these long running scripts.
ups delivered a package for me today, missed it cuz the jackass seller on ebay decided to send it via UPS without producing a tracking number for me.
so the ups guy, instead of leaving it with a neighbor, decides to leave it at a access point which is a store down the block. I get dressed on a holiday, go downstairs only to find out the damn store closed up early. so there I am standing in front of a closed store that has my damn package inside!


why oh why oh why did the seller on ebay think it was a good idea to send my shit via ups without giving me a tracking number when he should damn well know how much of a fuckin hassle it is to deal with ups failed delivery attempts. if he had giving me a tracking number from the getgo, I woulda been mindful to be aware of a knock on the door.

son of a bitch.

merry fuckin Christmas everyone…and to all a happy slappy thanks fuckin giving!

You Americans are weird celebrating thanksgiving now. We already did in Canada thus meaning canada>america.