The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp

I’ve seen you use the word before and I’m pretty sure I called you out on it then, too. Using that instead of more commonly used language is pompous. It’s probably the only “fancy” word you know and you try to find a way to fit it into any conversation you have. Just because you use it doesn’t mean it will become ubiquitous. You are just going to make more people ask themselves why are you trying to act all fu-fu when you could have just said “that’s their lowest point”.

But I’m tired of your tomfoolery, sir. I just wanted to point out that when you use one or two large words all the time and then use penny words much more often, you come off as trying too hard.

That’s messed up :rofl:

“who is this wanna be girly like us, vampire scene, halloween hostess, seasonal brown mexiganguro bitch”

so is razor smaller than that guitarist guy with the blue socks in that tapdance @ the kindergarten school, music video I posted or what?

You guys didn’t pick up the rest of his back is weak because he can’t lift, etc. drake wheelchair…

It’s difficult, sure. But sometimes these things write themselves. The owner knows sometimes I write things over the weekend when I’m at the bars so I have a lot of freedom with that stuff.

When I was a full-time reporter you just get used to pushing copy. The research tells the story. You just have to rearrange it so it’s engrossing. It’s a skill you eventually learn but once you get it and constantly practice it your writing will always be on point.

The amount of salt/silly shit being said over Undertaker finally losing at WM is hilarious. Did people actually think he was going to defend his streak forever? The dude is 40 something.

@"Shaft Agent"‌ Get outta here, laughing at my cooking. I’ma hire hostesses with nice fat round calves and then make them wear legwarmers as a uniform once I get my restaurant just to spite you, nigga. Le Chateau mauvaises jambes, bitch. $180 a plate. :tdown:

Step outside The Lounge and Mafia threads, my nigga. :coffee:

[Yes we have one](The Cooking Thread: Pics or you didn't make it Rarely post there though. I need to step it up. @Green is the motherfucking man when it comes to SRK cuisine, though. :tup:

Well that’s way too much hating in a row. Maybe. Lookout for Razors ‘black people do this’ x6 combo, with a cheapass bean burrito on the side. I do respect his experiences so we learn from them too, he’s willing to share, some stuff not to do and look out for, even if it might all end up in a lot of us got screwed by the govt. coming soon tax time.

Articles online are always a pain to read, and sometimes look like people threw them together with no editor or someone completely rushing, doing 5 jobs at once and just getting thru them, so if he can do it well. Alright then! Writer friend was pissed about not getting a job, in his 'don’t interrupt," let him vent mode, he did not get a job he was hoping for:

Writing the press release for a “one-chan-bara bikini samurai bitches something or other,” animation? Because they already had those budget games. :wonder: Now back to your emo vs emo shaq-fu fight. Wasn’t one character literally called “Voodoo?” :wtf: shaqfu team


crying about taxes and then wanting to move to places with a higher tax rate and in some cases cost of living? c’mon, son.

The amount of posts I could’ve responded to with these videos… It’s astounding.

I find it to be reflected in his posts on SRK.

i was laughing at your hype at posting pictures. fried chicken aside, the food you cook looks better than mine :rofl:

next time i make my flagship dish, i’ll take pics :tup:

No wonder Nick09-er loves this dude.

Is the lounge finally free to enter? I remember paying Capcom $19.99 to enter every time I wanted to post in here.

Nah they just this new subscription you just have to pay monthly

I’m perfectly aware of their higher tax rates, but at least I’ll have something to show for it. I pay high taxes now and have no health insurance. In the listed countries I’ll have that. That alone would make me not mind having to pay such a high tax. As it is now, Obamacare is going to penalize me for being over the poverty line and not buying health insurance because after taxes I can’t afford it!


Nope, still requires an entrance fee. I’ll send you my paypal where you can deposit the cash and then you can post here.

WWE stocks plummeted today because of that shenanigan last night. Folks are indeed salty with that Undertaker loss :lol:


I’m in @21.75. I wouldn’t be surprise if the price goes back to $25.00-29.00~ range in few weeks once the news dies out. Easy $$$ :coffee:

On other news:

Is this what teenage girls do nowadays on their free time!? I feel bad for any parents out there with teenage girls.


Someone PM me the pix if they find em. :tup:

Dude, you should know I ain’t that sensitive. :rofl: I’m mostly making excuses to rep my play and fuck with you. :tup:

Leg warmers actually would be a good schtick for a restaurant. :rofl:

still cant find a link to the show.