The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp


sennin crying about not getting dates and women on fb…will never evvvvverrrr stop being funny to me.


What the fuck are these pills?


Apparently they are all Jimmy’s estrogen dose.


No one picking pink pill because SRK wants to be fears not loved.

Orange for practical purposes as RockB said. Also less likely to have your power revealed. No one would suspect the power anyway with how stupid the public is. I can become a powerhouse singing actor who goes on tours as a lead guitarist doing his own stunts with multiple martial arts mastered… And I can make a mean bowl of clam chowder that will make you want to cry. All of which will be viewed one billion times on YouTube.




So youre gonna pretend to be blind, and completely ignore that while we were all having fun, pertho attacked me first, saying i get all my life tips from 106th and park. Ignoring the fact that this dude is obsessed with me for no other reason than his own insecurities. That i cant even be talking to OTHER PEOPLE without him chiming in as the odd ball who has to take a jab while everyone else is having fun. Him and orochi are like the two weird dudes who talk about dudes when no ones talking about them. lol

Cmon son, if you gonna try to talk about it, at least be fair. I didnt start the back and forth, but i’ll gladly end it.

Niggas get so sensitive when i talk. Must be a sign of good things, cause i for sure ignore most of the dumb niggas on srk, especially pertho, but i dont even be in my feelings enough to bother to even start no shit, or not acknowledge some shit he said without feeling a certain way. I dont feel any kind of way about no one on this forum unless im directly talked too, and i feel the need to reply. Niggas get their panties twisted every time i talk, and dont even have good retorts, cause there are none usually. Stupid niggas on srk couldnt talk themselves into a free cup of water from mcdonalds, my nigga.

Yall ever wonder why neesa be calling the lounge a bunch of crying ass bitches. At least when im long winded, its about something. I aint going out of my way to attack people over no dumb shit my g.

Whatever, im done. This convo went to shit anyways. Niggas seriously trying to cosign the pink pill, and i gotta deal with some dumbass who cant take a reply from me as anything other than a part of the discussion, and not a personal attack.

No pill on that list is weaker than the pink pill. Not even the animal pill. That shit is not even rankable. Niggas wildin. Cant enjoy nothing on srk. lol

I shouldnt have even replied to that dude. SMH. Hes like that dumb bitch who always cries wolf and wins, cause no ones seen this stupid bitches behavior for that past few years, just only the good times, and when they cry wolf.


Other pills are only good if you’re materialistic.
This is the true dream.


yeah. I’m gonna need a tall glass of water for this. All…(except the pink one)…AT ONCE.



No joke, I’m laughing so damn hard at you having explained this shit.

This dude sitting mad as hell on a sunday night typing about 106 & Park. You need a tumblr page so you can write about BET shows triggering you.


Yup we’re the sensetive ones.

Whatever “nigga”


I just need the red cape and lose some fat and I too will soon be fired over a body of water in a tight blue suit.


The new Revival of F movie is going to be about intergalactic basketball I just know it.



Taking that grey pill in the hopes that it makes call of doot doot stop lagging. And if not I’ll zap the shit out of my ps4.


Welp, that escalated quickly…


If only you guys could…


GEEZ!! looks like it spits out mini sidewinders.



Oh and I would purge the net of all things pony.


Yo, it shoots shotgun shells.


Oh, I never gave my choice… You were only intended to choose one pill(greedy, overdosing bastards), so it’s a toss up between Orange and Blue for me.


What degrees of superhuman ability are we talking about with regards to the red pill?

Fast as Flash, or fast as Spidey?
Strong as Supes, or as strong as Luke Cage?