The SRK Glossary - WIP


Yeah I’m just putting in whatever comes to mind at 3 am when I’m hella tired. Added those, thanks.


Make sure you add definitions and How to read combo’s and input shortcuts such as c.lp, and explain what xx means.


OTG = Off The Ground


Putting it in words is always going to be harder than visuals. [media=youtube]O5twy_2fifs#t=6m42s[/media] does a great job explaining what Negative Edge is.


excellent OP, finally I know what a tech throw is!

edit: what is plinking?


This might be worth linking to:


How about boxers turn around punch?


I dont think thats a good defintion of a meaty, but rather the situation most meaty attacks are used in. As I understood it, any attack can be used as a meaty as long as you are hitting the opponent with the later end of the active frames of the move, hence why moves with many active frames are good meaty attacks. The advantage of a meaty attack is that you get more frame advantage on hit and less frame disadvantage on block, as well there are some combos that can only be done meaty IE makoto’s meaty st.strong -> st. strong.


Read - Analyzing the opponent’s actions and guessing what they will do next. (Context: If you have a good read on your opponent’s offense, uppercut FADC ultra).

Turtling - A style of defensive play which is generally passive in nature until the opponent makes some sort of mistake.

Rushdown - A style of aggressive play which is generally active in nature and forces the opponent to make a mistake.


Another thing you might wana do is link to the shoryuken’s glossary on their wiki once its back up…


Everybody always forgets SSF2. It’s like it never even existed. :lol:

Safe jump


7 8 9
1 2 3



mind games
option select
charge partitioning
feel free to add to/improve upon the wiki at while the SRK one is down.


Strogg give me definitions for the Marvel ones, you know I don’t play that game :looney:


Not until you add MvC2 to the list of games <3


I would recommend linking to SRK’s own wiki for the SF4 frame data link…when the wiki is put back up next week. It’s more up-to-date.


You should get some game-specific terms in there for TvC as well. Baroque, Advancing Guard, MegaCrash


People are going to need to help me with the game-specific stuff for the games I don’t play. TvC, anything SNK made, Marvel, etc. I pretty much only play SF4, GG/BB, and a little 3s/ST.


Found a better explanation of plinking from the same guy as in the video you linked to



Thanks Iduno, I knew Loltima had a better explanation for plinking in one of his videos, couldn’t remember which. Also edited with a video with examples of Option Selects.