The SRK Glossary - WIP


The thing you have to remember is that different moves have different recovery times - so if someone whiffs a move with fast recovery, you either shouldn’t try to punish it, or use a really quick (not much start-up) move, like close jab, or whatever her fast normals are. Basically, that’s the general starting point - what’s a fast normal that I can start a combo with? Will I have time to do close HP xx Hayate? Or, if they whiff something that has huge recovery, like Ryu’s Ultra 1, what should you do with all the time you have? You don’t want to end up panicking and throwing, 'cause that’s a waste of a good opportunity.

It depends on the game, yes; in MvC3, assists and special moves that don’t connect give you no meter. Also, note that in games where you get meter for whiffed moves - they’ll give you more meter if they connect - blocked or hit. Some moves (normal moves in SF2, SF4) don’t gain meter unless you connect with them.

You go a little bit at a time - like when you’re looking at a guide and you think to yourself, “Wait, what does he mean by ‘Fierce’?” then you come back here, etc, and you figure it out. That’s a basic example, but for more complicated ideas like hitstop or frame advantage etc, you kind of take it in as you need it. You have to start learning from playing, most importantly.


Alright I was looking at a Yun combo thread and saw the following notation:

Main hitconfirms. If you’re dive kicking, OS crouchtech (with if you can)

What does OS stand for? I looked on the forums here and elsewhere around the internet and I have had no such luck. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a silly question.


most likely Option-Select.

  • c.lp, cst.lp, xx HK Upkicks

Whats the **cst.lp **mean? This is a combo for Yun.


looks like someone made up their own abbreviation with crouching/standing.lp…even so, you could just do his 1-2-3 chain to his scissor kick

st.lp,, xx hk up kick


cst.lp means close standing light punch. You want to do low jab/short, close standing lp, standing mp > ender instead of the target combo for ease of hit confirming and, in the case of low short, it starts with a low.

That target combo isn’t that great really.


what does no meter combos mean ?


A combo that doesn’t use any super/ultra/etc. gauge/meter, so, in SF4, it would be combos without EX, Supers, or Ultras. In MvC3, it would be without using Hyper Combos, but X-Factor could be in there, depending on your definition of meter.

Generally speaking: no usage of meters.


oh i get it, thanks


I’m still not completely sure about the “buffer” aspect of the game. Could anyone break it down for me noob style?


this video explains it pretty well:




what exactly are loops?


It’s a series of attacks that you repeat, with or without a definite end… if the loop doesn’t have a definite end, or can go on for a very, very long time, it’s sometimes called an “infinite,” like MvC2 Ironman’s [j.LP, MP, MK, U+H] - though technically, under normal circumstances, this infinite will end when the character “dizzies out” after awhile.

Think of El Fuerte’s last trial in SSFIV, where you have to connect three HPs in a row. People call the method for executing that combo “Run, Stop, Fierce” or RSF. You’re "loop"ing [HP xx Habanero Dash, Sudden Stop]. in the case of the RSF, it will eventually end since the dummy character gets pushed back with each repetition.

hope that helps.


It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but a Mist Cancel is a technique almost exclusive to Johnny in GG (is there anyone else that can do it?) which involves using a special attack, in this case a stance, to circumvent lag on normals. The character was basically designed around it, he’s slow unless you cancel his normals on hit into other normals. Not sure how else to explain it.


Cool thread! I would add some terms used in 3D fighters though, like Guard Impact, SPOD and such.


Whats a fuzzy guard? Is it just a situation thats ambiguous to where opponent has to block (e.g. cross ups and instant overheads)?


What is the notation for Cross Up when posting combos, etc?
Is there a universal notation guide?


I don’t think there really is a notation for crossup; generally when a combo can cross up, it’s important that it can also NOT cross-up, which makes it into a mix-up. If you’re transcribing a combo that took place in a match/combo video, then sure, you might just put like “[cross-up]”, but I don’t think there’s a symbol for it.

Also, here is a short notation guide from Maj’s Sonic Hurricane:


I guess you could use XU for cross-up. Or X-U. It’s not very commonly used, but it’s not difficult to decipher either.