The SRK Glossary - WIP


A couple random ones I thought of:
Vortex, which could be included with untechable kd
Air control
Ground game
Reverse OCV


Absolute/Free guard
Hit pause
ToD combo
Cancels, Chains, Chain/Renda/CPS1 cancels
Counter hit
Kumite, Gachi


This is more of a nitpick than anything, but CC (custom combo) originated in Alpha 2, not Alpha 3’s V-ISM.


Priority: Determines whether an attack will beat, lose, or trade with another attack upon collision.
Trade: Both players get hit with each other’s attacks upon collision.
Hitbox: The area/range of an attack or a character’s body (which is sometimes called “hurtbox”). Example: [media=youtube]daMh2pCo1FI[/media] (blue encompasses the area where the character can get hit and damaged by an attack. Red is for attacks).
Air to Air: An aerial move commonly used to beat the opponent’s aerial moves.
Block String: A series of attacks that force the opponent to stay in blocking position. Used mainly for limiting their options, baiting responses, pushing them to the corner, etc.

I’ve never heard the term “proration.” That’s commonly referred to as damage scaling.


^ Might be worth noting that priority does not actually exist in game as a value or anything, it is merely a blanket term used to describe speed and hitboxes


Quoting myself because i feel numeric notation is very important.


I’ve always thought of priority as a a term that gives an idea as to what moves will generally win. It’s no secret that if you throw out 2 different moves, assuming the conditions are always the same, the result should be the same as well. Stronger moves (in general, but not always) tend to win out more often due to the hitbox placement. Whether or not there’s an actual number value on the programmed level that plays a part is not something I’m aware of. Could even be dependent on the game itself, but that’s another bag of money.


I don’t know of any games other than Guilty Gear that have it (does BB?), but you could put in a definition for Jump Install.


I’d also throw in the shorthand for GG/BB/TvC/etc.

Fantastic glossary. This is going to be extremely helpful to beginners.


Pretty 100% that jump-install is only specific to Guilty Gear. Like charge-partition is to 3s.

BB doesn’t have jump-install. OR, you can say that BB auto-jump-installs everything you do; actually you probably shouldn’t.


JI also exists in Hokuto no Ken.


Everything this guy said.

Chicken Wing - Another name for Fei Long’s Dragon Arc Kick
Push Block
Advanced Hyper Viper Beam (AHVB)
Money Match (MM)
Just Defend
Ranking Battle (RanBat) - I see the question of what’s a ranbat all the time
Crosshand(ed) - Playing on an arcade stick with your hands in a reversed position. Right hand is controlling the joystick and the left hand is pushing the buttons, this causes your arms to cross. Seth Killian is the only person I can think of that uses this method successfully.



Great job guys! I have a couple notes if that is okay:

-The definition of pushblock you have is correct. You wanted that confirmed. You may want to add the it negates chip damage for a short time, and leaves the user vulnerable if used in the air.

-AVHB actually stands for “Air Hyper Viper Beam”. The startup and especially recovery times of the HVB change drastically if its used in the air. It has nothing to do with whether or not you tiger knee the motion, or any other advanced method.

-SF4 Sagat’s overhead is toward+fierce, not toward+jab.




My bad this would be correct. Air Hyper Viper Beam.

A few things:

When a just defend is performed a small amount of life is gained.

Also for reset, it is more for resetting the damage scale.



In the Games section you should also add the following…

TvC - Tatsunoko vs Capcom
KOF - King of Fighters, i guess you can add like 98UM and the likes. Up to you.
MBAA - Melty Blood Actress Again
SSV - Samurai Shodown V

Can’t really think of any more off the top of my head, if anyone else can think of anymore abbreviations please add them.

Also this index is coming along really well. Good work.


GG /XX/#R/AC - Guilty Gear/XX/#Reload/Accent Core
BB - Blazblu
PF - Puzzle Fighter
SC - Soul Calibur

More words:
Piano Tap
Scraped (it’s become a popular phrase now)
Chain Combo
Supergun (some people don’t know what a supergun is)

EVO (Evolution)
SBO (Super Battle Opera/Tougeki)
FR (Final Round)
MWC (Midwest Championships)
SB (Seasons Beatings)

I can’t think of that many more that are as big as those, well that still exist.



Roll Cancel (RC)

How did we all miss this term? I guess you can add the word Roll too since that is also a basic term.

Also the bold around Trade is messed up its missing the /



Perhaps when you guys add terms, you could also provide the definition. The OP shouldnt be fully responsible.


Yeah, especially since I don’t really know what some of these things are. I think I got RCing right, maybe not though.


agree x2


Roll Cancel sounds about right. On roll though it exists in lots of games. I think all the vs games, snk, cvs, alpha, and 3S all have roll. Alphas roll command is weird B,DB,D+KK shit I can’t remember if its 2 kicks or 1.

I know what they are hard to explain. Here is a shot at 1 of them (feel free to change to make it sound better)
Alpha Counter - a counter in the Alpha series and CvS2 (1?) in which a character uses one bar/level of meter in order to counter hit a blocked attack, Performed by hitting f + Same Strength P + K instantly following a blocked attack
Charge Partition - ?? I have no idea how to word this SOMEBODY WITH KNOWELEDGE OF THIS HELP!!
Charge Buffering -

Taken from an older post of mine.

Supergun - An adapter used to connect an arcade board to a television set, console controllers can be used with the right setup.
Softban - Something that is not banned but is extremely frowned upon in tournament play. EX: ST, Akuma is allowed in Japanese tournament play but is extremely frowned upon, USA he is banned.
CPS1/2/3 -,, (Capcom System, the different systems used in different arcade boards of Capcom games, only games of that CPS type can be played on that system)

Everything with the word combo, has really good definitions just copy and paste

The link contains:
Simple Combo
Auto Combo
Chain Combo
Super Combo
Custom Combo
Juggle Combo (same as Juggle)
Air Combo