The SRK Glossary - WIP


Excellent! This is just what I needed to become familiar with the terms and applications that I see on other threads. Learnt a lot. Thanks you guys :slight_smile:


Thanks for making this guide. I get pretty confused reading fighting game lingo, it’s like another language to me.


I still don’t understand Hit confirms and plinking.


What is a “ROM” combo? Is it just a type of combo and if so could someone please explain or is it an acronym as well? Thank you in advance for replies!


Are you referring to ROMfinite combos?


Hello guys, i’m french and i would like to know what does mean the word “tier” in “tier list” please


Anyone know what “curly mustache” and “pringles” means? 


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/31265/Immaculate">Immaculate</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Anyone know what “curly mustache” and “pringles” means? </div>

Curly mustache is in reference to pringles, since the pringles dude has a curly mustache.<br><br>People have varying opinions on what exactly ‘pringles’ mean, since it’s interpretation has kind of changed over the years depending on who’s telling it.  It originally meant that you cracked as easily as a pringles chip, meaning you’ve got no defense and you get opened up very easily by your opponent.  


There should also be a glossary on Sponsor and Team affiliations. Like ''WW, MCZ, DRS, CT, FR, TS, aAa, vv, pdp, AG" and so on. Like what each abbreviation stands for


Fuzzy guarding is a situation where you have a chance to guard against two or more attacks of different ranges/classes. So instead of guessing whether the next attack is a low attack or an overhead, fuzzy guarding lets you block both.

Hit confirming is exactly what it sounds like: recognizing that your opponent got hit, allowing you to safely follow up with something. A good example is Fei Long’s Rekka Ken. If the first hit didn’t connect, you need to have the presence of mind to not input the rest of the sequence, because that will leave you at a big disadvantage. Conversely, if the first hit did connect–that is, you confirmed the hit–then you would follow up with the rest of the sequence. It’s a simple concept that takes a lot of practice to get right.

My understanding of plinking is wonky, so I’d rather not explain that one.

A “tier” is a ranking. So when someone asks what a character’s tier is, they’re actually asking what their ranking is.


Fuzzy guard is actually when you retain a standing hurtbox even when you are holding down-back to crouch-block. Normally, crouch-blocking would give you a crouching hurtbox.
A common fuzzy guard situation is when you block something in a standing position. In this situation, you are actually in a fuzzy guard “state” for the duration in which you are in blockstun. This means for a short period of time after blocking in a standing position, you will be treated as if you are standing, even if you were holding down-back to crouch. So if the opponent jumps (say, Ryu) and immediately presses a button (let’s say short), it will still connect, even if the attack he uses would miss if you were in a crouching position. The funny thing about fuzzy guard is that when you hold down-back, you are not considered crouching, but you are still considered crouch-blocking. This means you will not block overhead attacks. So in this situation, fuzzy guard is a bad thing because it causes you to get hit by overhead attacks that don’t normally connect on a crouch-blocking opponent.

Plinking means priority linking. It’s a technique that people use to make tight links more lenient. It can be compared to double tapping. Double tapping is when you very quickly tap a button twice, usually within a few frames of each other (press button A, then press button A again a split second later), so you have a better chance of executing the link. Plinking is when you very quickly tap TWO buttons on consecutive frames (press button A on frame 1, then button B on frame 2). When you do this in certain games (like SF4), one of the buttons will outprioritize the other, so it functions as if you tapped the higher-priority button twice on consecutive frames (the game reads that you pressed button A on frame 1, then button A again on frame 2). In this sense, plinking is like an insanely fast double tap (although you cannot actually double tap on consecutive frames).


What is “low crush”? Thanks!


This glossary of terms has helped me quite a bit. Thanks to all who helped and had the patience to compile this list and provided proper context to everything herein.


Hi guys

Newbie here.
One term I can’t seem to find is “Hard Hit” in SFV.
It appears in the same blue font as “First Attack” but a google doesn’t show anything on the term and I can’t find it on here.

In the video below at around 06:16 it comes up after SayMyName get’s a boot to the face.
Anyone know what this is?


Hard Hit gives you the benefits of a counter hit, without actually hitting the opponent during their startup. Currently, only Alex can do Hard Hits.

The glossary needs an update. Can we get an entry for Hard Hit, hitstop, the different attack levels (high, mid, low), fuzzy guard, and instant overhead? And we need to include any SFV-specific abbreviations like VT.


What does “fuzzy guard” mean?