The SRK Glossary - WIP


Thanks so much for this, I posted a freaking redundent thread, this will teach me to actually read the forum before i actually ask something from it…


I’ve seen people say ‘kongo’ or ‘kongod’ a lot. I CTRL+Fed the topic and couldn’t find it. What does it mean?


^^goukens parry? i think


Yeah, it’s short for kongoshin, Gouken’s special move, the automatic counter with the input command of reverse dragon punch motion (b, d, d/b) plus any punch or any kick.

For the record, if you ever hear someone say “air kongo,” they’re referring to his focus/absorption/armor pose during his demon flip, a.k.a. hyakki goheki during hyakkishu. The input command is dragon punch motion (f, d, d/f) plus any kick, then any punch button during the air time.


That makes sense. Thankx!


Dunno if it even matters for this thread anymore, but two other fairly common footsie goals are to make your opponent jump, or to stop your opponent from jumping.


Great job to the guys working on this glossary! one of the toughest things for newbies to wrap their head around is the jargon that flies around. kudos to youse and keep up the great work!:wgrin:


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Nvm, answered my own question:

Please add this. Thanks.


Is this list meant for 2d fighters only? If not then I could contribute a few more…


What exactly is the difference between a chain and a target combo? Aren’t they the same thing?


What is a Super Jump in SFIV? It is mentioned in the SFIV guide as something essential to know when moving around.


A target combo lets you cancel a normal into another specific normal (e.g. Ken’s MP to HP), while chains are more like a universal system that lets you cancel a normal into any other normal as long as you follow some rules (like weak to strong attacks or punches to kicks).

In case you were wondering about that because of Guy’s addition to SSF4, his “Bushin Chain” is technically a series of target combos, people just happened to coin that name for them.


Super Jumps are something that comes from the Marvel series; in MVC2 (not sure about the others) all characters can tap down then up to jump incredibly high.

In Street Fighter 4, Viper can do this. She can also do diagonally to SJ backwards and forwards. Ibuki will also be able to do it in Super.


I see. So, it works in the same way when using C.Viper then? I got the impression this was something all the SFIV characters could do but I couldn’t find it in the game manual. Thank’s for clearing that out!


I don’t know if this one counts, But I don’t know what it means, so instead of making a thread ( I also didn’t see it in your list ) I have heard a few people use it… “the ultra would of whiffed”. Can somebody explain what “Whiffing” is?.. I am guessing its those ultras that if hit a certain way only do half the ultra? ( Like ken, if you ultra when there in the air you don’t get the first part. you only get the Shoryuken part. Is this right?


Whiffing is just lingo for a move missing entirely, as in not even touching the opponent.


So, I was too embarrassed to post this in the TvC forum, so I thought I’d ask here. In TvC, there’s a lot of talk about loops vs. infinites. What exactly is the difference between them?


Loops aren’t true infinites and the main trait that a loop shares with an infinite is that it combo’s several moves together on a continuous basis. Some infinites will get referred to a loop because essentially you are looping the same few moves together but if we were to get technical a loop will at some point in time stop to combo due to some game property like pushback. I’m not sure how familiar you are with other fighters but I’ll give an example from Guilty Gear.

Guilty Gear #R - There are 2 characters in that game (Sol and Baiken) that could continously combo into their jumping Dust attack in the corner. The circumstances of this loop varied between the two characters but simplicity purposes I’ll use Sol since he was the first character to be recognized for this loop and pretty much coined the term Dustloop. Anyways, his dustloop would combo for around 14-17 hits on average and it was a pretty simple loop of launching your opponent into the air in the corner then jumping/super jumping with jumping Dust then falling Dust and repeat. The reason this is considered a loop and not an infinite is because by the time you got around the tail end of the loop (around 14 or so hits) you would get pushed back so far that you couldn’t continue with the loop anymore.


It’s pretty much infinites vs. semi-infinites. Semi-infinites include dust loops (Sol durrr in GGXX#R), Daipan loops (Fuerte in IV), and Momiji loops (VAkiha in MBAA).