The SRK Glossary - WIP


Ragna wasn’t in GGXX#R :stuck_out_tongue:
Sol and Baiken could do Dustloops in #R and Zappa had an infinite with the Dog Summon.


Yeah, I’m an idiot. And I thought Baiken could only do like, 3 or 4 dusts or maybe 5 with a couple FRCs in there.

And yeah, Zappa’s j.HS/dog 5D infinite was badass as hell.


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First off, thanks a ton for this thread. I have it bookmarked and it’s almost always open on a tab in my browser while I’m reading SRK. Seriously, it rocks. Just wanted to make a quick correction:

The link is broken. I think the ‘www’ shouldn’t be there. I’m not sure if it’s browser specific or not (I’m on Firefox) but works for me.


Great thread! Thanks a lot…reading some of the slang on here is like learning a new language lol.

I have a quick question though…does every character (in this case Super Street Fighter IV) have the ability to buffer. I saw that Akuma can c.MK and then use his Ultra to lower his hit-box and avoid a j.HK. I’ve been working with Juri and I wanted to know if she had capabilities like this.


There is so much to actually learn its unreal…


What are folks referring to when they use the term “shenanigans” as it pertains to Street Fighter?


What does the SC stand for in a combo like this one?

C.LK -> C.LP -> SC.LP -> S.LP -> S.FP


You know, like tricky stuff.
Like, “Yo man, that Ken FADC was bullshit!”

Standing Close.


So, it’s referring to a way of playing, rather than a specific move(s)?



Yeah Shenanigans tend to be high risk-high reward type things that rely on your opponent not expecting it or just not knowing the matchup, and are easily punished if your opponent sees it coming.

For example, level 3 focus in SF4 is a shenanigan. You see it land in matches because people are expecting a level 2 followed by mixup, and if they are already on the defensive they just wait for it and get hit. But, it’s not a real tactic that you can use to start a combo - most of the time you try it, you’ll just get punished really hard.


What are the notations for links and chains?

Is a chain “>” and a link “~”?



What do people mean when they use the term Respect? I haven’t seen it used too much, so I can’t really figure out what they are referring to. I’ve tried searching the SRK Wiki Glossary, Eventhubs’ Terminology, general search engines, and the SRK Forums–which have threads that don’t relate to my search with thousands of replies, which I’m not sorting through, sorry.

Thanks in advance.


^ There’s no real secret, nothing exclusive to fighting games beyond the normal meaning of the word. They’re just applying the term to fighting games.

Outside of a match, usually it means that you acknowledge and appreciate another player as being smart/strong: they possess a level of skill sufficient enough that they are to be taken seriously or are worth taking seriously. Alternately, it can indicate that they have attained a body of knowledge and a depth of understanding such that their opinions on how the game “is meant to be played” (ie. what is most effective in high level competition) are worthy of consideration.

Inside of a match, sometimes it’s used in a less overarching or all-encompassing sense to indicate that a player has taken the threat/possibility of something specific an opponent has presented into account to such a degree that they are forming or changing their current course of action or whole gameplan around it. Most commonly this threat/possibility is the ability (assumed, just demonstrated, or already known) to effectively, properly use a particular option or set of options on reaction or at will or with a very high degree of consistency. Essentially you’ve decided that they’ve significantly tilted the risk/reward away from you for that thing, and you are adjusting accordingly. You could call it a… caution adaptation.
“I’m not going to use [move, tactic] against him [excessively, very much, right now at this moment, for the entire duration of this situation, at all for the rest of the match] because I’m very sure that he will [stuff it, punish it, bait it, avoid it, etc.].”


I’m pretty sure I already know but I would like an official definition of salty.


it is the same as being sour or bitter but not really. diferent from being sweet though


Any idea about the origin? I just think it’s a really funny insult and have never heard it used outside of fighting games.


what does hit confirm mean?


Hit confirming


Hope that helps.


Either I’m blind, or whiffing and stuffing didn’t get mentioned at all in this thread. Seeing how this glossary is intended for new players, I can see why it should be included, considering how often it is being used, and how infrequently people use those words on a daily basis in general conversation.

They do seem like words that can be deduced easily when using context clues, but I feel that I can see ambiguous responses from new player to new player too. Example: One might assume stuffing requires a specific situation, like Ken countering with a dp because of frame advantage.

I would provide 'em, but I’m a new player myself, so my definition will probably be not be the best if it came from ‘impression’ and not ‘fact’.