The SRK Glossary - WIP


step 1
get in front of a mirror

step 2
insert a spoon full of salt into your mouth

step 3
watch yourself get salty and notice the similarities to when you mess up something in a match


Just a small request: Could the definition of “whiffing” be added to the OPs? Granted, I did find it on the fourth page, but I think the info would be useful all together up there.


New to ssf4 been playing since tuesday

Whats a chain?:confused:


In regards to 3S:

Is it still a Link, if the hits don’t add to a higher combo number? For example, Ryu’s link: [Forward+HP] to [Shin Shoryuken.] The HP hit does 2 and the Super does 4. So sometimes I get the message “Super Art 6 Hits.” Thats definitely a link. But what if it says 2 hit Combo first (from the forward HP), then almost immediately goes into Shin Shoryuken, but the numbers dont add to a 6 Hit Combo message?

Basically is it still a Link, if the hit numbers don’t add together?


then it didn’t combo - if you have the other player block after getting hit by F+HP, they’ll block the super. a link is a type of combo, so if they can break out of it, it’s not a combo, or specifically, a link combo


Ah damn, I was hoping it wasnt that. Thanks for the confirm man.

Gotta practice my links


Great help thanks.


Hey, was looking at the chun li section of the mvc3 forum. what does LL mean? Thanks


has anyone mentioned kfc?


No…because it’s banned and it doesn’t make any sense.


tiger knee


the Term “free” and “OCV”> are there any updates to the fighting game vernacular?


Free means beating someone with little to no effort. In other words, if you call someone free, you are much better than them (or you are talking shit).

OCV you got right in the other thread.


I don’t think I saw the term, “Whiff” anywhere in there, but I could be wrong. I’m a little curious as to why one would want to whiff in the first place, as I’ve heard it being used in strategies. Could someone please shed some light onto that for me? Are you supposed to intentionally whiff to bait your opponent into charging you or something?


It was more prominent in certain games. In 3rd Strike you got super meter for whiffing normals so many players would just stick a few whiffs in there to build meter.

In SFIV people will whiff specials (like Honda’s Oicho throw) to build meter. You wouldn’t want to whiff something that leaves you completely open like a shoryuken but it can help get free meter for some characters. You can also use moves to appear like other moves. For example you’ll see at times Ryu whiffing an attack that hopefully makes his opponent think a fireball is coming (a lot of time a standing kick).

But what you’ll mostly hear about it whiff punishing. It’s a part of footsies. This can be achieved a bunch of ways, sometimes it’s just knowing the spacing so that when your opponent attacks they miss and you can hit the limb they extended and other times it’s baiting a move to whiff by moving in and out of a characters effective range.


**Wow, there’s a lot more to it than I thought. That was really informative, thank you very much :slight_smile: I’ve just been trying to learn some strategies with Makoto(SSFIV), and I keep seeing that term coming up, but had no idea why I would want to intentionally miss attacks like that, haha.

I’m going to try and learn more about whiff punishing with Makoto, since I’ve been having a hard time with that lately. I keep missing when the opponent whiffs and I end up getting punished in the process instead, so I need to research better punishers with her. Thanks again for all the information. It really helped me out a great deal!**


So if you if you do a special no matter if it hits, is blocked, or whiffs it still builds meter? Wow I never knew that


Hi, could someone tell me what ‘l-frames’ are in reference to MvC3? I hear that Akuma and Ryu have a variety of moves with this ‘feature’.


Is too many concepts I’ll never learn any of this Damn!


The thing you have to remember is that different moves have different recovery times - so if someone whiffs a move with fast recovery, you either shouldn’t try to punish it, or use a really quick (not much start-up) move, like close jab, or whatever her fast normals are. Basically, that’s the general starting point - what’s a fast normal that I can start a combo with? Will I have time to do close HP xx Hayate? Or, if they whiff something that has huge recovery, like Ryu’s Ultra 1, what should you do with all the time you have? You don’t want to end up panicking and throwing, 'cause that’s a waste of a good opportunity.

It depends on the game, yes; in MvC3, assists and special moves that don’t connect give you no meter. Also, note that in games where you get meter for whiffed moves - they’ll give you more meter if they connect - blocked or hit. Some moves (normal moves in SF2, SF4) don’t gain meter unless you connect with them.

You go a little bit at a time - like when you’re looking at a guide and you think to yourself, “Wait, what does he mean by ‘Fierce’?” then you come back here, etc, and you figure it out. That’s a basic example, but for more complicated ideas like hitstop or frame advantage etc, you kind of take it in as you need it. You have to start learning from playing, most importantly.