The SRK KOF XII Thread

Alright so didn,t see one up in the fighting games discussion and I think that there should be a place to talk about mechanics and team selection here. So here ya go all talk it up news, info, whatever you would like.

I hate to be the one to do this…

There’s a KOF section now.

figured I would put one in here as well for fighting game discussion as welll i knew that there was one there but no one here. The one down there is strategy this one is just for discussion.

That one there is for discussion though…:confused:

meh if no one posts Im sure it will get deleted. I know that new users to the site dont always pay attention to what is in the strat area.

Well maybe they should learn so we don’t have different threads all over the place covering the same thing…


in honesty, i prefer it here as well as opposed to the other thread/section.

^^ You heard 'em.

EDIT: You know, I’m a 09, but I’m starting to hate my own kind so much I’ll ask Mr. Wiz to come down and wipe all 09s off the forum, even myself, for the greater good.

Wat? No!. Are u nuts? lets just let this thread die. If u want, why not just make a KOF Social Thread. that should be allowed in this section? since we can use the Proper XII section for strategies and whatnot, and here to just to go all fanboy