The SRK Liquor Thread: We like it dry or on the rocks


Okay guys, I did a search and did not see anything pertaining to a thread exclusively for liquor, so i figured I would start one. Here we can share all types of drink recipes and what not, get cats hip to what its like to drink like gentlemen (or not).

So I guess I will start with my favorite drinks:

I am a big fan of Jameson, and I love to make Gin gimlets (so good with the roses lime juice). As far as beers I tend to stick with Red Stripe and this Blueberry lager that I find quite tasty. Also I find drinking Hennessey on the rocks quite relaxing. Now I am trying to learn more about Scotch and what the best kind is, so if anyone has any ideas that would be great.




Rye on Rocks is my drink.


ib4 post about snooty craft brews and how BL/CL/ML are piss water

Maybe for the past 4-5 months I’ve been drinking only wine when I’m at home. Was kind of intimidating when I started. Bevmo is a godsend for someone looking to expand their horizons beyond beer bongs and jack&cokes.


Jack Daniels straight in a cold glass. I don’t know why the taste just makes me happy.


Any of yall fuck with that everclear? I tried it once and I must say that that shit is beyond lethal. Now I mess with schnapps, whiskey, gin (good ol dry gin) and cognac. There are other drinks I would like to try. I am trying to expand my drinkery knowledge so I can try different things at different bars and at home


wine is pretty awesome as well.


hehe, Everclear is always fun. A friend of mine cooked it into some home brew that came out tasting exactly like an apple pie. Bad combo. “This tastes great” 3 hours later “Shut up and hold the bitch down!”


I can see this being a short thread.


Scotch. Single malt. Neat. [/discussion]


also, inb4 40 ounce Old English’s. anyone who says they like it are automatically wigger.s, even if you’re black.


They are piss water, and craft brews are evidence that people are at least trying to remedy America’s well-earned reputation for shitty beer.

On that Seagrams 7 tonight. My supply is almost out.


what’s next? i suppose you drink ninkasi as well?



reserving spot on this thread page to post up at a later date regarding my fav drinks. presently unable to add to commentary due to fact i’m drunk as a skunk right now


Eh, when you’re goin to pound town, they go down easy. CL tastes more like carbonated water than beer. If I’m lookin to rage I’m definitely not going to stock my ice chest with craft beers. And what is more American than the Bud original can?

I’ll admit though my beer palette is amateur.


I tend not to rage with craft beers, but I can imagine doing it, particularly given the high alcohol per volume of some brews. A few of these would get me good and tipsy.


I don’t like beer at all. Cider is pretty much my beer replacement.

I also experiment with tons of cocktails. I have pretty much every type of hard liquor in the kitchen as well as a good amount of liqueurs.

Creme de Cassis is probably my favorite thing to drink.


At my house it usually goes 7&7(Seagrams 7 w/7up), Henny VSOP or Black on the rocks, Tanqueray/Bombay and tonic, or if i got people over hot sake shots with Kirin chasers. At the bar I uasually stick with crown and cokes. Also as bad as people say ml, bl, and cl are they shit all over most Korean and Japanese beers except Kirin Original imo. Atleast you can use those for beerpong.


Spent the night at a script club. No, not a nude establishment, but a place where people get together with bottles of alcohol and women happen to be getting naked atop poles. Had me a bottle of my shit and dem other niggas… :shake:

Had all the feet in the place to myself. ahem Footnotes. Footnotes in my script… :tup:


I usually fucks with Blue Moons if im chilling.

But if I dont feel like spending money on something 80 proof…

Fuck yea I smash OE 800’s, and Im Black and live in the hood in Philly SO heh…

Usually grab some Tropicana with em & make Brassmonkeys.

But mostly goto bars on 2 dollar draft nights and get good amount of jumbo wings & watch watever sport playing an chill.