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Anyway, I just got home from a party that Microsoft was throwing for their Windows 7 phone launch. Those new devices are pretty slick. I feel like this operating system is really going to be the first that’s going to give the iPhone a run for it’s money. They’re implementing cool features that make the iOS look kinda shitty. Stuff like active tiles, which actually show updated information about what you’re looking at. Like the weather icons actually show the weather as it is currently. You don’t have to click the icon to get the info or go into some app. It’s all right there.

I know a lot of folks will be into it because of how integrated it is with shit like facebook. You can link people in your address book to their facebook and shit like that, and see their updates without needing an app.

The windows 7 phone os is pretty fucking dope. I think the phones come out next week. You guys should check them out if you get a chance.



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Loving Microsoft more and more each day…

First ESPN on demand and now a phone that gives the Iphone a run for its money… Bill Gates is that nigga…


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Most phones are better than the iphone. people just like gimmicky shit.


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That’s actually really, really far from the truth. There really isn’t anything gimmicky about what the iPhone does considering that it’s outperformed all of it’s competitors for the last 4 years. In terms of touch screen phones, until this year, there really hasn’t been anybody that could fuck with Apple. Apple made applications and things like the App store part of what people want now in a smart phone. Before this, installing anything on a smart phone was a giant pain in the fucking ass. Apps will continue to be the way people distribute and consume content for the forseable future as well. iTunes, as fucking annoying as it is, was the perfect platform for Apple to launch applications from. Everybody else scrambled to keep up. The web browser on the iphone, and the web browsing capabilities it has been the best on the american market for 4 years straight. The screens on the iPhone are phenomenal, the interface is simple and clean. It’s one of, if not THE most technologically friendly phones produced. People who hate smart phones can use the iPhone if they have a pair of eyes and a finger. The only fault the iPhone has had is that there aren’t a lot of customization options, but that comes with the product being made by Apple.

Until the Android platform came around there really wasn’t any smart phone that wasn’t 5 years behind the iPhone. Most touch screens on the market up until Samsung’s Galaxy S class phones simply had shitty screens. No multi touch, and the were dumb as fuck. You’d call people, open up shit you didn’t mean to, and it made using any touch screen phone god damned attrocious. And back just a few years ago every single touch screen phone had a stylus. Nobody actually thought “Hey, if we make this touch screen REALLY functional and make the icons big, people won’t need something like a stylus”. And the iPhone’s screen is heat sensative, not pressure sensative, so you didn’t end up with phones that had unresponsive screens because they’d been pressed in the same place, harder and harder until they stopped functioning.

And that was 3 years ago.

Windows mobile before this new itteration was an absolute monstrosity, blackberry has failed to innovate and streamline how their phones work, Nokia bombed here with the symbian platform, and Palm is fucking Palm. Android took the concept of the iOS and tweaked it. It worked better in some cases, worse in others. Windows mobile 7 is truly the first line of phones that can take a run at apple and have a legit way of beating them. The only thing I hope is that they have a minimum when it comes to specs because under powered phones run like shit, and most phones are under powered. There are phones out there that can’t update to the new android software without running like shit, and the MS guy tonight told us that they’re going to avoid that and keep windows 7 mobile uniform across the board.



Windows Mobile 7 looks dope but I got too much love for Android phones.


Windows Mobile 7 looks so fucking baller. Makes me look at my Droid with sad eyes knowing it’s gonna suck soon.


I played with 3 different windows 7 phones tonight. Let me know what ya’ll want to know.

I should be getting my device from MS in the next week or so.


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yeahhhh buddy


I’m happy with my black berry. Best phone I’ve had. (I’ve had an iPhone. Didn’t like it and I hate AT&T.)
I’ve never found the point for all the apps, games, and everything else. It’s a fucking phone. I don’t need all that shit on it.


Oh, and the xbox live integration with windows 7 mobile is kinda interesting. The jury is still out until I get my device and link it to my gamertag. They’re going to do games on the phone that will get you achievements and shit, and add to your gamer score. You can do friend requests, send messages, change your avatar, etc. How functionally useful that will be is kinda up in the air.

The most impressive thing with windows 7 is that it integrates a ton of shit together without actually appearing like it’s doing anything. That’s why it’s more impressive than the iOS, currently. Like if you take a pic, you can set it to auto upload to facebook. When you browse your address book you can see the people, their pictures, latest updates on their twitter or facebook, etc. You don’t have to access an app or anything, it’s just there. So you get a cross of all types of functionality without really having to do anything. It’s constantly updated too, so if say Stu says he hates the iphone on his facebook, when I look at my social feed or my address book, it’ll show me his update.

There’s a cool ass feature called sky drive which will be a god send for people who fuck their phones up. You know how folks have all kinds of pictures on their phones and don’t want to lose them? As soon as you take a pic, it’s uploaded to sky drive. You have 25 gigs of space, so you don’t bog your phone down with extra shit. You can access sky drive at any time and download the stuff directly to your phone if you want. If your device gets fucked up, you just get your new phone, log into your sky drive and you get all your shit back. This includes documents too.


Agh, the Windows Mobile 7 OS looks hella nice. I sure hope it’s married to a powerful phone, though.


Well, no offense, cause we’re boys, but you not liking that stuff is why what you said was wrong. There are a lot of folks out there like you, but things like the iphone and what it does are FAR from gimmicky. If this technology was a fad and a gimmick, no money would be behind it and we wouldn’t have so many phones to choose from. Blackberries are great phones. Well, used to be. The Torch is a piece of shit. Blackberry is scrambling to really attract more users because bbs used to only be for business people. Now, quite a few people want a phone that does a ton of shit, and blackberry has been behind the curve on that.

edit Cryoh, the best device I played with tonight was the one by samsung. By far the best screen. I can’t remember the name. The close second was the HTC surround. It’s got some gimmicky ass speaker set, but the screen is super nice, and there isn’t any lag on the device. I was very impressed with all the phones except the LG. It feels cheaply made, but the LG is the only one with a slide out keyboard.


Seriously. Droid Does. :tup:


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