The SRK Lounge v. 6.0: Random nonsense and tomfoolery

Huh…Could’ve sworn the Lounge thread was here this morning? Anyhow…

Here’s the new one, mates.

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Oh wow…did the old one get nuked?

And here I was thinking you would know something about it…

I guess the admins deleted it due to all the “racy content” it had from the banned users


And nothing of value is lost. LoL.

In honor of GIJOE Biden’s birthday…

Flint and Lady Jaye join the G.IJOE classified line!


probably cause of that first picture.

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Now make some Cheese


Yeah, someone’s deleting threads/cleaning up SRK…

Here are some of the previous “lounge” threads. Delete those too…

EDIT: Some more lounges:

These last view had over 40,000 posts within like 8 months or so. SRK was poppin’ back then!!!

This lounge barely has any posts

EDIT again:

The 1990s was our 1960s “summer of love”

Wow, that last one seems to have just disappeared.

He just wants some hard teenage dudes

But everyone shrinks hella fast

Odds on uncle joey spiking mountain dew with viagra?

Shrink like any chance of trump being president


Earth knows. There’s sentience everywhere

The plant blends in

To this day, humans are not above the rest of the animal kingdom

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Crosspost from the other thread…

I figured it out. Discourse is like Craigslist and other sites with the flagging rule. If the very 1st post of a thread gets flagged multiple times by different user accounts then discourse will automatically Zeno Zama the entire thread into oblivion. That’s how that one lounge thread got deleted (everyone flagged the 1st post with wizard’s picture) lol.

So if everyone flags the 1st post of this thread…

A loggerhead turtle got into a boating accident, resulting in the loss of a majority of its lower beak. Scientists gave it a new 3D printed titanium beak. It looks so badass. He is now a cyborg turtle

Wake the fuck up Raphael


RIP David Hemblen aka X-MEN TAS MAGNETO

Arguably the greatest VA to voice Magnus.
IMO he is the embodiment of the Claremont Magnus.

Mutant liberation begins…


I always wondered why he wasn’t the voice of Magneto in the Marvel fighting games when they pretty much had everyone else from the animated series in there…


Im just speculating, but he was part of the main cast of a live action show called Earth: Final Conflict in the late 90s. This probably led to him not being able to have time to record dialogue for the Vs games.
Magneto was voiced by another actor in Season 4 episodes such as Beyond Good and Evil (4 parter with Apocalypse rewriting time and space) and the episode where Magnus finds out Quicksilver and SW are his kids and fights the High Evolutionary which adds further credence.

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