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Hell is about to have a VIP section for me because I’ve been laughing hard at this. I understand why he’s singing but still. :rofl:



hmmm… it’s never a hate/racist crime if it’s done by a black person. Doesn’t matter if the victim is asian or not.

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My thing is asians were leading in their way during civil rights

In their own way? Yeah, it’s shitty how little the U.S. knows about the Civil Rights movement, still.

Opinion | Britney Spears and I Learned the Same Lesson About Fame - The New York Times (

I had already been sexualized anyway, and I hated it. I mostly acted in family movies — the remake of “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Matilda,” “Mrs. Doubtfire.” I never appeared in anything more revealing than a knee-length sundress. This was all intentional: My parents thought I would be safer that way. But it didn’t work. People had been asking me, “Do you have a boyfriend?” in interviews since I was 6. Reporters asked me who I thought the sexiest actor was and about Hugh Grant’s arrest for soliciting a prostitute. It was cute when 10-year-olds sent me letters saying they were in love with me. It was not when 50-year-old men did. Before I even turned 12, there were images of me on foot fetish websites and photoshopped into child pornography. Every time, I felt ashamed.

Hollywood has resolved to tackle harassment in the industry, but I was never sexually harassed on a film set. My sexual harassment always came at the hands of the media and the public.


This reminded me of Haruka’s sections in Yakuza 5 and working your way up in the idol industry. The interviews/substories were wild. The director wanted to highlight the skeevy underbelly of the idol industry. They did well in that regard, from my perspective.

Can’t imagine having to go through that shit. :-1:

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One more on the topic of anti-Asian hate crimes.

A lot of the recent high profile attacks on the Asian elderly happened in the Bay Area, and dozens of Asian American organizations immediately pushed back against the notion that it was the time to target the Black community, and demonstrated unity with the Black community at large in demanding justice:

Bay Area native, Terisa Siagatonu’s account of the Oakland Chinatown Coalition call that immediately stood in solidarity with the Black community

NBC report of Solidarity rally in Oakland spearheaded by the local Black and Asian leaders
(and another article of similar nature)

A New York rally was similarly held, organized by SafeWalks, a predominantly Black org

Al-Sharpton stood with Senator John Liu to condemn the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes

Likewise, there has been a great influx of Black anti-racist activists and organizations speaking up about the spiking cases of anti-Asian hate crimes:
Ijeoma Oluo is a NYTimes best selling author and she has been amplifying the story on her social media accounts

Blair Imani has been regularly sounding off about this issue, and trying to bring greater awareness to her audience

Ibram Kendi is a famous anti-racist advocate, and while he hasn’t put out a lengthy statement, he has been frequently signal boosting and lifting As-Am voices to his audience about this spiking issue.

Jade Zuberi is the biggest anti-racism advocate in my sphere, and even he has opened up the conversation of intersectionality between the movements.

I remember in the politics thread, the dumb dipshits that were trying to say it wasn’t racist. Fucking morons.

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30-year-old Navy vet. Filipino. At his family home having a mental health episode, not on the streets committing crimes.


Posted that in the cops thread. They killed him in front of his family in his own home.

They did not need to restrain him they never even tried talking to him

Just cuffed him and put a knee in his neck pushing his face into the floor until he stopped moving.

Those 2 should be fired and tried in court.

Also about asians being victimizesd. I asked my wife what her plan was to avoid assault. I asked about her shooting them and she told me to stfu


Calling cops for a mental health check usually results in death.
In Canada as well.


You just don’t call people you make sure the knives are out of reach and hope for the best talking them down

Cops will bust in and shoot or suffocate or taser

Like i get joy seeing cops taze people who deserve it like those pedos but yeah mentally unstable people get put down and police get away with it “fearful of our lives they refused to obey orders”

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WSB with that Tomfoolery again!!
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Happy Thursday!


Do you guys remember Septimus Prime?

He once openly admitted to preferring to drink skim milk.

Fuck that guy.

Kay? Who cares?

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Skim milk is worse than at least three war crimes. Fuck skim milk.

Haha. He ‘negged’ me and went to the Premium forums to coral a bunch of prem. members to do so as well, because I said MGS 4 was coming to the 360, lol. Him, RoninChaos, Negaduck and Zor still post at ResetEra. I’ll lurk there from time to time and see them post, and think about the words exchanged here before The First Purge.


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