The SRK Manhunt Crew: Participants Needed!


Since everybodys too busy/lazy/unmotivated/suffering from writer’s block/etc to write, I thought of an idea that all of us to participate in.

It will be a story that each person can contribute to by selecting a video game character and writing their part as the story progresses. This way if someone is busy or unavailable, there can be others to pick up the slack. I just need to know who is interested in the project.

Oh. Just in case you’re wondering, the story will be about a group of people(us) hunting down and killing top tiers(which are not limited to fighting game characters). Think about the possibilities…:evil:


I’m down! I’ll be either Remy or Feilong…




Oh yeah, I’ll start writing for it on Thursday night, since I’m pretty busy until then. It would be nice to have at least 4 people(not including myself) in the project.

…And I’m using Mega Man X. :slight_smile:


This sounds interesting, but there are two things that I would like to know (one of them being something that all who are involved to have to know):

  1. What are the restrictions on this? I assume that there would be some, or else it would not work. Obviously, the amount of people might be one who importance of being restricted lies influx, as would, possibly, what type of characters that we could choose from. I, again, assume there are restrictions in place.

  2. We need a list of victims (for the most part), since we have to know who can’t be chosen as a written character if they are target. This is especially necessary, because even though most, if not all, of Capcom top tiers are obvious, I would assume that you are also counting older games too. So then, where does someone, like say, Nakoruru, who was top tier in CvS but in the more CvS2, fit in? How does Zero of MMX fame fit in if its not his MMXZ form? How exactly do we do this, as individuals or as groups? Some coherent form of story with a bunch of random people, or more like killer vignettes (sp? pun not intended)?

I apologize for asking so many question, I just want to be sure.

As for who to right, hmm… since Yamazaki might be top-tier, and Iori definitely is, but I think that I’ll say that I will choose, for the moment at least, Megaman X. Or, I suppose if we want to stay in the same timeframe (and he flat out doesn’t count), then I’ll choose… meh, I’m quite unsure actually, it depends.

EDIT: Way for me type slowly. Anyway, I suppose Kyosuke Kagami would do fine then.


I really don’t think anyone will be able to take on the SRK Top Tiers, though.

…I’ll be this character:



First, let me say that the participants and I will form a group to take out our targets(Each target will be know as a session).

During each session, the host will introduce the target, why he/she/it is a top tier, and set up time, scenery, and other conditions he sees fit. Each participant (including the host)has up to 3 posts worth of storyline (Can be of any length, but can’t be edited significantly) that they can use to write for their character. The maximum time allowed for the session is a week, or when all participants have written their 3 posts.


The host is responsible for introducing and wrapping up the session(either they will write the target’s death, or whatever they feel like), and then choose one participant to become the next host. The host will be the only one who is able to write significant content about the target.

Commander Control(CC):

During each session, I will reward the participant with the best content a CC point. The first to recieve 3 CC points will have control of the behind the scene plots, and can shape the back story to whatever they wish.(And you will want to when you find out who’s the Commanders of the squad).

During changing of the CC, all points will reset to 0. Also you are able to change you character if you like.

Tiers and Characters:

I’m still working out the kinks when it comes to who’s top tier depending on which games you take the characters from.

…but as of right now, all characters are legal for you to pick from, EVEN TOP TIERS. However, you have to deal with the repercussions for being a top tier, no matter if that character was powerful in a older game or a current one.

Let’s say you pick…hell, Kyosuke for example.

Don’t know about RS, but in Project Justice he was pretty strong. We all know about CvS2. The commander will always be wary of Kyosuke because of his past(regardless how weak he is in CvS2), but as long as Kyo doesn’t do anything ‘top tier’ like the commander won’t give him much slack.

However if you pick Sakura or Chun Li…then you have bigger problems to deal with, since they’ve been pretty powerful in multiple games.

This means you have to research your characters’ strength level in the games they appear in. After you submit your characters, I will do my own research and will report how powerful they are. This will allow you to get a better feel of the risks if any.

I’ll think on it some more and make some changes later, maybe


I wanna start now. :frowning:


Yeah, when are we starting?

I mean, do the characters have to be Top Tier? 'Cuz methinks Feilong and Remy will get owned by a blindman playing with Dan… Maybe I can have those two team up to take down Jedah and fail miserably…


I’ll try to start tonight, if I can get my work finished before that time. If not, then tomorrow afternoon.

And playing a non-Top Tier would be better for you in the long run, so Feilong and Remy are good choices.


Woah. This is cool. Count me in.

I think i’ll play as… Dhalsim. be posting in a few days… gonna be busy till sunday.