This thread is a resource for the SRK Movie Fanatics…

it provides quick links to all the relevant Movie related threads on SRK (I’ll update regularly, and clean up any stagnant threads)

If you have (or are starting) a thread that isn’t here, or that you feel needs to be here, PM it to me, so I can include it…

also, PM me if one or more links don’t work, or take you to the wrong place, so that I can fix them!

I’ll also accept links to outside news sources relevant to films…

Okay, without further ado:

General Movie Stuff

The Christmas Movie Thread
Street Fighter Marathon This Weekend (Link Expires on Saturday)
Rewatchable Movie Thread
Foreign Film Thread
Official DVD Thread
Top Ten Films of 2005 Thread
Favorite Movie Action Sequences Thread
Flux Capacitor turns 50 Thread
Your Ideal Movie Thread
Netflix Thread
Good Asian Flicks
Best Film Tagline

Specific Movies

Revenge of the Sith
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Dead or Alive Teaser
Superman Returns Teaser
Saw II
Get Rich or Die Trying
Rocky Series
High Tension
History of Violence
Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
King Kong And another
Aliens Vs. Predator (Series)
X-3 Trailer and Discussion
Silent Hill
Initial D
Skeleton Key

Directors Actors and Actresses

Chuck Norris Vs. Vin Diesel
Pat Morita Dies at 73
Tim Burton
29 Little Known Facts about Chuck Norris
Darth Vader Mindreading Game
I want to put a hit out on Uwe Boll!
Bruce Lee’s Birthday
Bruce Lee, Bringing Bosnians Together!
R.I.P. Richard Pryor
Chuck Norris’ one weakness

SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls
SRK Threads Ordered by Subject

Excellent. We really need ones of these.



Well, i’ll keep it updated as long as interest continues, and people do their part…

if I miss something that was posted, because they didn’t bother to PM me, I ain’t gonna take the blame, because they didn’t follow the rules…

I get regular email updates on celebrity deaths, but other celebrity news is gonna take a team effort…


odd i was gonna suggest my thread on how hollywood has become stale and just sequals but i can’t find it. I assumed it was due to the wut was it great crash part 2? but i’m finding posts from like before the first one…odd. maybe it got deleted for some reason dunno.


Just a few you missed. But theres more.




Link 1: I’ll update to include it

Link 2: I didn’t miss it

Link 3: I’ll update to include it

and yeah, I know there’s more, I only went to page 30, because anything beyond that wasn’t worth my time…

if you have something that’s more than thirty pages backlogged, and you want it included, bump it, and PM me…


this should somewhat be stickied…


Yeah, I think so, too.


so we actually don’t have anything to discuss in this thread than?


Good job. :wink:



my first sticky!

and this really isn’t much of a ‘discussion’ thread…it’s purpose defeats that…

rather, it’d be better to just post news, links, and threads that relate to the main topic…


hooray for making srk even lazier and defeating the purpose of the search function.


Well, it’s more work for me, but meh…to each his own


Celebrate! :party:

Plus, it’s not like people search much, anyway.


I dont think this warrants a stick, but whatever.

Btw Eric, how’d your final go?


It was pretty easy. Also, since I noticed a few people walking in, not realizing that we were having a final, I hope he curves this shit (my midterm got curved up from A- to A+).


Aeon Flux Thread

this was surpisingly good imo. worth seeing. charlize looks really hot in it too, couple scenes of her in very skimpy outfits.


…You bastard. I was just about to post this, with a much better intro (EDIT: and many more errors) might I add.

I suppose for now I’m just going to say that now her name, “Aeon Flux”, makes sense, especially since I don’t think it was mentioned at all in the cartoons.

Speaking of the cartoons, I would greatly appreciate the opinion of some that have seen the cartoons and then the movie. I need to how much I missed that was alluded, since I only vaguely remember Handler, and even then that’s rather iffy; I’ve only seen a few cartoons, randomly and a long time ago (when they were actually on MTV, so when I was much younger).


I got dragged to the theaters by one of my friends, and to my surprise it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

This is way better than the original cartoon IMO. I personally consider Aeon Flux and Peter Chung’s artwork in general visual vomit. So although I thought the movie pretty much ditched psychological drama of the original and stuck to action, I didn’t really mind.

So yea, you could pretty much tell that I hate Peter Chung.