I have no criticism of Resolution is a nearly perfect genre bending masterpiece on some Coen brothers level shit, but I’ve only seen it once. Can’t wait to see it in theaters again next year. Don’t read anything about it guys!

Did anyone here really love The Master? I wanted to like it so bad, it seemed exactly like my type of film. it definitely was a mind bender but biot in the way I was expecting, and the two GDLK performances don’t quite makeup for the fact that it was very boring and dragged at times. Audience was confused and walked out hating it. I thought overall it was a decent film but just far short of my high expectations.

Sigley yeah that was an incredible scene, man I think PG is going to cum watching Killer Joe:rofl:…unless he doesn’t like Wild Things.

<3 Nolan, fuck yall.


Watched Lincoln, if Day-Lewis gets best actor, I approve.


Prestige would have been better if
They had saved the reveal of Angier finding all the copied cats and hats until the overall reveal at the end. When they showed that scene, it gave away the secret to Angier’s trick too early for me. It was, okay, he’s copying himself, then what does he do with the copy? Only a few conclusions you could draw in the framework of a movie with heavy themes of obsession and sacrifice. People didn’t seem to dig the sort-of-sci-fi aspects of it, but otherwise I enjoyed it.[/spoiler]




Best Director


WTF Quintin :lol:

[spoiler=Best Actor][media=youtube]0XllWB4zxOQ[/media]


River Phoenix has a new movie coming out…


i watched Another Earth last night… more like Beautiful Yet Slightly Androgynous Faced Woman Keeps Ruining Everything: The Movie :rofl: i enjoyed it though @orochizoolander, definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it. it’s a drama with a sci-fi backdrop. really interesting.

watching Act of Valor right now and you can’t stop me.


After almost a year since the movie was released on theaters i finally decided to give Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance a chance.
I have to say that, even when is clear that is not the best super hero movie ever made, it was really an improvement over Ghost Rider.


more people need to understand and appreciate Neveldine & Taylor’s greatness.


Didn’t Another Earth come out around the same time as Melancholia? For some reason I associate those two films…

edit: The Tin Drum Criterion was released today.


Early 2011, easy to associate cuz of the giant planet in the sky thing. I liked Another Earth. Strange concept, equally strange ending.


heh, there are more similarities to Melancholia than just that. one difference is there is a specific reason why Another Earth’s character was so depressed. also it was interesting to see Tom Cruise’s cousin play someone that wasn’t a bad or creepy guy.


I guess I’m shit out of luck if I want to discuss Zero Dark Thirty. Everywhere it gets brought up, all people want to talk about is torture instead of what they actually thought about the fucking movie.


I haven’t seen it, sorry goody.


Hurt Locker’s inaccuracies turned me off to any more of Bigelow’s ‘topical’ action thrillers.


What bothered you about its inaccuracies? Minding, of course, that it is a work of fiction and is entitled to the benefit of artistic license.


This isn’t about a character surviving an un-survivable event, in the interest of style or simplification, or moving the story along. Basically all the main scenes in the movie were completely incorrect, distractingly so. For a while I thought I was nit-picking, but it’s hard to empathize with the people the movie represents irl if all the events are portrayed wrong.

It’s akin to the criticism of Crash 2005’s depiction of race relations in LA (complete fantasy). The main message is still there, the technical aspects of the production are still there to analyze, but the events that are supposed to support the movie’s message are just divorced from reality. Makes it hard to take a movie intended to realistically dramatize current events seriously.

EDIT: Or what Wikipedia says


Gonna try watch Zero Dark Thirty tonight if I can pull myself away from CoD.


I won’t see ZDT for a very simple reason, it’s not my kind of movie. I didn’t see HL for the same reasons. I feel I’ve reached the point in my life where I can pretty accurately judge what my kind of movie is, and ZDT is not it. It’s just not in my cinematic wheelhouse…


I am horribly guilty of that very thing. I will just call a movie I don’t like shitty. I will recant and admit latter on that the movie is not my kind of thing, but I do have a bad habit of making my opinion fact.


Sounds like you are describing gamers