sorry Idris didn’t get the lead so you could love it.

“A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the lifecycle of an ageless organism. Identity becomes an illusion as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of wrecked lives.”

i am ready. >:(


News to me:


Looks awesome!


What’s the verdict on The Hobbit?


Oh yeah, the Hobbit came out. It was okay, Freeman was good as Bilbo, but just kinda routine after the LOTR Trilogy. The magic was kinda lost the second time around…

Dredd was okay. Better than the Stallone version, closer to the comic, but still kinda dry. Shoulda let Lena Headey go crazier.


got dang vampires



Holy shit at the Eddie Murphy and Nicolas Cage ones :looney:

Also @Goodm0urning, what did you mean by Inception not following dream logic?


stallone gets me too


the other day I saw some dude on a news paper add that looked just like me. I dont read papers but my dad totally freaked out when he saw this and was like “did you post any ad on some paper or something?”. I have a twin somewhere I dont know about.

brb calling snaake’s mom right now. need answers :eek:

edit: nick cage inception :eek:


Moments in dreams tend to free-associate between information that has recently been active in your brain due to having been used in waking life. The “dreams” in Inception are simultaneously too ordered and too unrelated to anything else that the characters experience to make much sense if one thinks of them as dreams. That’s why I pointed out that they make more sense if one thinks of them as shared fantasies or storytelling. Inception has everything in common with those things and very little in common with dreams.


I agree, completely. That aspect of the film never quite sat right with me.


Wasn’t that the entire point? The subject (and taking into consideration the ending the viewer as well) is meant to believe that they are not dreaming; that’s why they have an architect. It’s been awhile since I last watched it but I remember there were plenty of instances where they drew from the subject’s memory/recent events, for example when Cillian Murphy’s character is with his father, the whole pin wheel thing. I can’t remember why there was a snow level, but at that stage Murphy’s character was fully aware he was dreaming, so whether that was or wasn’t drawn from his memories doesn’t really matter does it?


The movie goes out of its way to point out that even in legitimate dreams, which don’t correspond to the logic of reality, you are almost always unaware that you are dreaming. And the stuff of dreams comes from data that’s already in the head of the dreamer, so the snow material was (as far as the movie shows us) apropos of nothing.

So no, it was not the point.


I watched Pitch Perfect, which is basically Bring It On’s bastard love child with Glee. Anna Kendrick is very toothy in that movie. Also, the longer I looked at her, the weirder looking she got. She’s like a word you say too many times until it no longer sounds like a word.


Was it kinda like Emily Browning’s face in Sucker Punch? I know she was named Babydoll, but I couldn’t tell if they were trying to make her look like a doll or if it was just some plastic surgery disaster. The movie sucked anyway, but the whole time I was like “What the fuck is with this chick’s face?”


so does jason statham do movies that arent a ctrl-c of the transporter? lol.


you just noticed this now?


didnt know he did video games.