My favorite is still Ghost Protocol.

I do not see this changing any iteration soon.

Ghost Protocol is the quintessential lazy Saturday at home with the girlfriend, order up a ridiculously expensive and equally ridiculously good delivery pizza, pop it in the Blue Ray player, eat in bed and chill, movie.


I’m very torn between Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation. I really do think Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust is probably the best new character introduced to the series since the first movie (I know people love Benji Dunn and so do I, but I don’t think he’s as compelling as Faust). Ghost Protocol had better stunts, snappier dialogue, and the evolution of the formula that defined the series in the wake of the third film. Rogue Nation had a more robust cast, I feel, not just from Ferguson but also from Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris, both of whom are coming back for Fallout.

I love the image you put up, though, of a lazy Saturday with great pizza. That really is Ghost Protocol all over. :lol:


Personally, I feel that the first ‘Mission Impossible’ is the best. The introduction acts as a hook and the movie always keeps the audience on their toes with twists and turns without becoming nonsensical. The rest are all too over the top and at that point I would just rather watch something slightly whimsical like ‘Red 2’.


Holy shit, I watched Get Out lat night on HBO. It’s the horror/thriller movie by Jordan Peele that came out last year. It’s really fucking good, and really fucked up. One of the best endings, too.


A warning for all you movie watchers out there:

2017’s ‘Downsizing’ is a 2 hour long humanitarian existential drama.


Rampage 2nd trailer…


Incredibles 2 sneak peek…


I hope this man’s incredible life story gets a movie adaptation. It could be an amazing crime drama.


anyoone seen black panther? how is it?


Did anybody watch the Baftas? It was a great show, Daniel Kaluuya won the Rising Star award, bro has a seriously bright future ahead of him. Frances McDormand is fucking hilarious, everyone turned up in black for the #metoo movement but she came is a distinctive red black and white garment, she said she had a problem with conformity but stood with them. Sir Ridley got a lifetime achievement, he told his life story made a couple of digs too :lol:

Is it me or is Gugu Mbatha-Raw insanely pretty :love:

Oh there was some weird aerial dance thing by Cirque du Soleil for Shape of the Water where they kinda scissored

Remember all the industry greats that passed away over the year was really handled nicely


Battle Angel Alita movie delayed to Dec .21,2018




tbh, i think the cgi should only be used for her robot arts and legs and just use a live actress to play alita…but they already recorded someone’s voice acting and i ddoubt the voice actress looks anything like alita.
cuz its stupid to animu up her face when everyone ellse in the movie is human minus robots thaat look like robots. in face.

oh and…fuck hollywood along with everyone else cuz i just found out blade runner 2049 isnt nominated for best screenplay, best picture, and best director.
its only nominated for best cinematography and best visual effects. which it shuld but that movie…

was the one of THe best sequels ever made. like godfather part 2, empire strikes back, and the road warrior.
if everyone cant see how good br 2049 then i suspect everyone is on drugs.



that movie was stunning.
and compelling. i never blinked. never bored.
i saw the movie at home like this.

blown away.


Finally saw Get Out. It was pretty good but not some instant classic or anything. It felt like it was missing a plot twist at the end. Also I didn’t realize it would swipe so much from Martyrs (which is kinda cool I guess).


Uhh I figure the plot twist of the movie was enough. Let the man survive in PEACE.


I saw annihilation today.

It’s been 20 minutes and my heart is still racing. I want to curl up into a ball.


saw The Neon Demon. was beautiful in its use of color/cinematography .
nicolas winding refn is one of my new fav directors.
along with denis villeneuve and guillermo del toro.
you should watch refn’s iterviews. he is one of the weirdest cats in hollywood…but no one beats guillermo in terms of weirdness. guillermo has a life size linda blair exorcist doll on his couch.


I enjoyed it. Planning to see it again since I was in crappy spot when I went.


I watched Annihilation last week. It has one of the most terrifying scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie. It’s definitely the best film I’ve watched in a while, and it left a lasting effect.

Very thought provoking. It made me ponder what it means to be human. One of the themes touches on a flaw in our DNA structure that causes entropy, and the subtle, physiological impact that has on our conscience. Or maybe not so subtle. The whole concept of the place they go to and what it does to the world is… otherworldly.

The movie is beautifully shot. Some of the mutations are unnervingly psychedelic and “awesome” in the literal sense of the word. Others are dreadful and grotesque. All of it is INTENSE. There are several scenes that elicit powerful emotional responses. Without spoiling anything, there were times my jaw was dropped in blissful awe, other times I could barely look at the screen out of horror, and one particular scene that was both terrifying and disturbing that had me clutching my chest in fear.

The music is incredible, especially during the climax. Can’t really describe it except that it fit the mood perfectly and added to the experience.

The acting for the most part was really good, especially Natalie Portman. It’s the best thing I’ve seen her in, though I’ve only really ever seen her in the Prequels and Thor. But she was fucking great in Annihilation. Very believable as that character and engaging to watch.

Overall, the movie was both terrifying and beautiful at times. There were definitely some plot holes that could have been addressed for those who are over-critical about stuff like that. But if you’re ok with letting go of that, Annihilation is an intense work of art that is worth checking out. Not for the feint of heart, though.